Friday, July 29, 2011

Just another polyvore post..

I really love Polyvore! I've known about it for the longest time now, but I just made one about a week ago, and it is really neat. I like how I can put outfits together and make visual lists of items I want on there. Well anyways, here are some shoes I want at the moment. I've been really into heels lately, and I've been really wanting some. I have one pair, but they are kind of scuffed up and rather boring shoes. I've always loved heels and wanted some, but I've always felt like I was too young and it wouldn't look right of course, but I really feel like I wouldn't look weird now, and they would make me seem taller and skinnier, so why not! But I'm still sort of hesitant about it, I guess because I'm not so used to wearing heels on a normal basis. But these are some shoes I would like to have!

shoes I want!


Friday, July 22, 2011

Items I want for fall 2011

These aren't the exact items of course, but this is a look at the items I wish to purchase for Fall this year! I'm really into heels, camel colours, coats, and collared dresses and shirts. I also have a new love for boater hats!

Fall 2011

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