Friday, August 12, 2011

Emotional Rescue

This is just a short post, I didn't take too many photos for this look because it is so hot outside!

I saw this dress about a month ago at a thrift shop, and it was lovely, all but the dress went all the way to the floor. I thought about it, and it was only $1 and I figured that I could ask my grandma to fix it since I don't know how to work on clothing (which I'm going to try to learn how to do that someday!) but I asked my grandma, and she said she'd try to make it shorter, and she did! I also asked her to shorten the sleeves since they were long sleeves and I just wanted this to be a dress I could wear anytime.

This outfit is rather simple (just like all of my outfits), but in Florida it is really hard to wear a lot of clothes and accessories in the summer. I was about to die from the heat when I went to the park to take those photos! I only have two photos for my blog today, but next week I'll try to have a new look with a lot more photos!

Thanks for looking!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hide This Face

This is one of the lovely new dresses I got the other day from Forever 21. I automatically fell in love with the color and simplicity of it, and that lace-up back! The color of the dress is so perfect for me. It really goes well with my skin, hair, and eye color.

I also thrifted this little brown saddle bag. The brand is Marchino, and it is a brand I've never heard of. I really think this bag looks great with this dress, also.

The photo above is just a close up of my face. Not really related to this post, but I just kind of liked this photo so I thought I would share it will you all!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My recent purchases!

I went to Forever 21 and some thrift shops the other day looking for some new clothes, and I had some luck, finally. I don't a lot of the clothing I see in Forever 21 but I do find some nice clothes in there. This isn't a very long, detailed post, but I just wanted to post some photos of my new items!

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