Sunday, October 2, 2011

Evening Sun

It's finally fall! And the past few days it has been perfect, cool fall temperature here in Florida. I'm not expecting it to last long though before it gets hot again!

Saturday I was at WDW for it's 40th anniversary, and it was marvelous! I had such a nice day, and I took over 500 photos when I was there! I'll try to upload some of them eventually, because it was truly a very special day in Disney history. They had a special presentation, 40th anniversary cupcakes (they went quick, so I didn't get to buy one ): ) and they also had special parades all day and fireworks that night! I didn't stay for the fireworks, though.

Anyways, for this outfit I just wore a simple striped t-shirt, high-waited shorts, and loafer heels. It seemed sort-of like a basic fall look to me.

Hope you all have a lovely week! x

Hat - Target
T-shirt - Vintage
Shorts - Thrifted
Shoes - Vintage
Bag - Thrifted

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