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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Sweater!

Hello everyone! It is finally winter break, and I'll be posting much more since I'm off from school for two weeks! I've been such a horrible blogger lately.

Onto my clothes in this look, my Christmas sweater is so lovely to me and I was instantly in love when my grandmother gave it to me last year. It was hers, and I had been telling her I wanted a Christmas sweater for the longest time, and she told me she had one, and if I wanted it I could have it, and I love it so much!

Tomorrow, my grandmother is actually taking me shopping because I told her that's what I wanted for Christmas haha :) Hopefully I'll find plenty of nice clothes. I'm really picky so when I go shopping I usually don't find many things I like.

Well, that's all for now.
Thanks for reading, and have a lovely weekend x

Sweater - Thrifted
Jeans - Forever 21
Oxfords - Nine West
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