Sunday, December 30, 2012

Orla Kiely Pre-Spring 2013


It may be a bit early for posting this collection up considering we're not even halfway through Winter yet, but I happened to come across Orla Kiely's Pre-Spring 2013 collection and I, as usual, instantly fell in love. I'm always posting Orla Kiely's collections here on my blog, but only because they are so simply wonderful. Once again, everything just looks so dreamy, feminine, classy, and, of course, perfect! I'm especially loving all of the blues and yellows, and also the little sailboat prints. It's all so nautical which is nice and also a bit different to see in Spring, since I feel that I typically see more nautical-inspired pieces in the Summer. Orla Kiely just never fails to have an amazing collection out!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cozy Colorblock

IMG_1497 blogcopy
IMG_1564 blogcopy
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IMG_1548 copy
Wearing: Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater - F21, Vintage Levi's Shorts - Thrifted, Tights - H&M, Brown Oxfords - Thrifted, Vintage Dooney & Bourke Bag - Thrifted

Today I took a stroll through the park like I usually like to do, and I brought a Peppermint Mocha Latte from Starbucks along with me. It was another cold day, which made me glad that I bought this extremely cozy colorblock turtleneck sweater from Forever 21 earlier this week! I've had a lot of fun bundling up though, I actually wish it was colder out!

Thanks for reading! xx


Thursday, December 27, 2012


IMG_1391 blogcopy
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IMG_1413 copy
Wearing: Dress - F21, Tights - H&M, Heels - Thrifted

Yesterday I took all of my Christmas money and went shopping at Forever 21. When I go shopping, I just can't help but to buy all dresses! That's pretty much all I bought yesterday, and today I wore one of them! I love this dress so much, what caught my eye was the chevron print, but I am just in love with the unique style of the dress, it reminds me a bit of the 60's! Since it was cold today, I wore some black tights from H&M. To bring a pop of color to the outfit, I put on this pair of red heels that I have been dying to wear, and I put on some red lipstick. If you haven't noticed, I've really been having this love for wearing black, white and red lately. I love those colors together so much, and since it's winter (and was Christmastime) I felt that it was appropriate. Anyways, I must say I felt very cute in this outfit, and it is definitely one of my new favorites!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I know I did! I already got my main present which was the meet & greet tickets for the Aerosmith concert that I went to two weeks ago, but I was pleasantly suprised with $650 this evening! I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful family and I was happy to be spending Christmas with them all once again this year. I was a bit sad when they all left, because I felt as if all the fun was over. Then my mom brought up that we should go see Les Miserables, so we did.... and let me just say it was AMAZING! It was such a beautiful film and the cast was wonderful of course also. It had its hilarious parts and its parts where I was tearing up.. definitely a film I probably will be going to see again. I could probably keep talking about how good it was all night, but its really late and I have some shopping to do when I wake up in the morning! ;)


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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IMG_1245 copy
IMG_1325 copy
IMG_1221 copy
IMG_1254 copy
IMG_1295 copy

Christmas is finally just about one more day away, and the weather is just now starting to feel cold here in Florida. Every once in a while we will have a cold day, but most of the time it feels like summer! I was beginning to worry that I would be wearing shorts this year on Christmas, but it's not looking that way anymore! Today I had to bundle up in my favorite peacoat and some thick tights! I wore this to go out for a day of thrifting and running errands with my mom. I came back with only two things, and I will probably start wearing them when spring rolls around next year. But I stayed very cozy in this outfit, and after Christmas I will get to go shopping with my Christmas money (which I'm hopefully going to get) and buy more clothes to stay warm in for the next few winter months!

Tomorrow, I will hopefully be uploading a time lapse video of my mom and I putting up our Christmas tree! I know that I probably should have uploaded it a while ago, but lately my video program hasn't been working so I haven't been able to save and share it yet, so fingers crossed I will be able to put it up tomorrow! I also have another special post for you all, my first DIY post! I got the DIY from another blog, but I wanted to share my way of creating what I made with you all, and some additional helpful tips with making it also. But, I can't share what it is yet because I made one for my best friend for Christmas, and if she's reading this that would just give it all away! Haha :)

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays! Also, I'm curious to know, what are you hoping to find under the tree for you? What's on your wishlist? Let me know in the comments! :)


Red peacoat - JCP
Dress - Thrifted
Oxford heels - Target
Hat - F21
Tights - H&M

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wishlist...

Fullscreen capture 11232012 70347 PM.bmp

1.) Udobuy Coat - Perfect winter staple, a must have that I really want this Christmas!
2.) Clarks Lace-up Booties - This winter I am so in love with lace up booties, and this pair is absolutely perfect. I would love some of these to pair with some cute chunky socks for those really cold winter days!
3.) Diptyque Honeysuckle Candle - Who doesn't love candles? They will always be on my wishlist... I can never have too many candles!
4.) French Connection Infinity Scarf - Love the color and the sparkles in this infinity scarf by French Connection. It could really dress up any outfit!
5.) J.Crew Colorblock Check Skirt - This skirt would be perfect paired with some black tights and lace-up booties!
6.) Levi's Sweater
7.) Oscar de la Renta Lace Tiered Chandelier Earrings - For the many Christmas parties I will be attending, these gold chandelier style earrings would look perfect with any Christmas dress!
8.) Sheinside Sweater - A nice, oversized, cozy sweater is always needed for cold winter days! Love the design on this one!


Monday, December 10, 2012

Out Go The Lights

Hello, lovely readers! Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, and another sorry for my photos not being the best for this post, but when I went outside to photograph my outfit today the lighting was really bad due to the cloudy sky! But I just had to post this, so I hope you all don't mind!

Tomorrow, I am leaving Jacksonville and heading off to Tampa to see Aerosmith again on Tuesday! I am beyond excited, and this time is going to be even better than last, because this time I will be meeting Steven Tyler and Joe Perry! As excited and nervous as I am, it still really hasn't hit me yet. But these past two weeks, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out what to wear. I have finally decided though that this outfit is the one! I want to look 70's, but also make it look a bit modern with my short skirt (its actually a dress!) and my gray booties. I've also been told that they don't really match the outfit, either, but I think they look nice so I'm wearing 'em! :) But, I'm going to make sure I bring other back-up possible outfit choices, just in case I decide that I don't want to wear this once the day comes.

Anyways, I am really excited to see (and meet!) my favorite band on Tuesday, and I will make sure to make a few posts over the course of my 3-day trip, because I want to share my experience with you all...and also because I will be very bored in the hotel room haha :)

Hope you all have a lovely week! xx

Kimono/Cardigan - Thrifted
Crochet Top - Thrifted
Black dress - I've had it since I was 9-10 so not sure where I got it!
Gray Booties - Target


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Baby, It's Cold Outside


Today I finally brought out my favorite coat for the winter.. it is so warm and it is my favorite color! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am completely in the Christmas spirit! I have been listening to A Very She & Him Christmas on repeat, helping my mom put up Christmas decorations, and watching many Christmas movies, and it has all been wonderful so far!

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend! xx

Hat - Forever 21
Sweater - Vintage
Coat - JCP
Scarf - Target
Booties - Target

Friday, November 23, 2012


As I waited for my family to get to my house yesterday for Thanksgiving, I took photos of my mom while she prepared the food, and I also took photos of the food that was already done. I meant to take more, but by the time my family arrived I was too hungry to even think about taking photos! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope you all did, too! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dear Creatures - Fall 2012 Collection


The fall collection for Dear Creatures is literally perfect. The colors and simple, classic girly-ness of it all is so lovely, and has left me ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every piece in this collection. It is so my style, and I just want to get my hands on all of this lovely pieces of clothing!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Light In Your Eyes

Hello, sorry its been so long! I have so much to share with you all! Before all of that though, I have to apologize for not posting in what feels like forever! The weather has been really gloomy and not photo-taking weather at all, and I have been busy with other things, that I will mention later on in the post! ;)

This outfit has got to be one of my favorites this fall/winter. I bought these lovely high-waisted corduroy trousers at the new H&M that just opened up recently, and they are my favorites at the moment! I also paired them with my cozy creme colored cashmere sweater I thrifted over the summer and my houndstooth blazer. Love this outfit, it is so warm and I feel classy in it, which is always nice!

Okay, so I have some big news for you all! About a month ago, I recieved an email from Seventeen Magazine asking me to be a part of the 2013 Seventeen Style Council (!!!), and of course, I signed the contract and so now its official! I am so looking forward to being a part of this and I'm still finding it so crazy that they asked me to be a part of it! Also, I will get to be in the March 2013 issue of Seventeen Magazine, so make sure you all watch out for that when the time comes! I am so happy about this, it is literally a dream come true!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely week! xxx

Hat - Forever 21
Blazer - Forever 21
Sweater - Thrifted
Trousers - H&M
Dooney & Bourke Bag - Thrifted (vintage)
Heels - Target

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sweet Darlin'

Hello, lovelies! Today was another wonderful chilly fall day so I decided to wear my new thrifted boots and a vintage sweater I found in my house with a detachable scarf. It is so snuggly, and the colors are perfect for fall!

Thanks for reading, hope you all have a lovely week! xx

Hat - Forever 21
Sweater - Vintage
Jeans - Forever 21
Boots - Thrifted
Vintage Dooney & Bourke - Thrifted
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