Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Polish Girl

Not much to say today really, except that the dress I was wearing in this look is my new favorite dress! It is perfect to me!

Have you all have a lovely day! x

What I'm wearing:
dress - Forever 21
Hat - Target
Shoes - thrifted

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Lately I've been so busy, and I know I've been continuously telling you all this over and over again, but I really have been. And now that Winter break is over for me, and I'm back in school, I am overloaded with homework and projects. I have photos from a look that I took photos of the other day, and I will try to get those uploaded within the next couple of days. I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger though, but I promise I will be back before long!

Until then, though, I want to share with you all my favorite commercial, actually! This is sort of random, and I cannot stand most commercials, but I really love the Miss Dior Chérie commercial by Sofia Coppola, and I love watching it! It makes me just want to be in France, and I just love Miss Dior Chérie and wear it everyday also, so enjoy! :)

Hope you all have a lovely day! x
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