Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day to Night!

Wearing: Cardigan - Forever 21, Top (corset) c/o Vedette Shapewear, Shorts - Thrifted, Oxford Heels, Target

Wearing: Faux Leather jacket - Windsor, Top (corset) c/o Vedette Shapewear, Pants - Thrifted, Heels - Target, Hat - Forever 21

Hi everyone! Sorry I have blogged in two whole weeks - I have been super busy with school! Anyways, the other day, the lovely folks over at Vedette Shapewear sent me this wondeful corset, it is such a beautiful piece, and it is a very lovely colour and lace detailing on it, which is why I love it so much! I think this piece could definitely be worn as in either a day or night look, because it has a certain look to it that could look casual, or could be dressed up more. The colours in it are colours that can be worn at anytime of day, and to be dressed down a bit more for a casual look, I thought it was easy to just pair it with some high-waisted shorts and a cardigan. For a more dressed up nighttime look, I thought I would pair it with some high-waisted pants, and my leather jacket. I thought the colours of the corset along with the faux leather jacket created a sort-of edgy look, but the lace in the corset and the pearl detailing at the snaps of the corset along with my pearl necklace also gave it a soft, more girly look. It has been a very different experience for me to be wearing innerwear as outerwear in these looks, but I think this is a trend that every girl should try, because in a way I think it shows confidence, and it definitely makes a statement. It grabs someone's attention in a positive way! This is especially trendy if you are wearing beautiful pieces with nice colours and designs, like this corset that Vedette Shapewear sent to me. It is so lovely, I couldn't help but to wear it as outerwear! Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day! xx

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  1. you have a really cool blog, i love your outfit posts, especially the last few with the dresses :)

    Mel x


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