Thursday, April 12, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

It looks in the photos as if I was out in the park on a typical foggy morning. Too bad it's actually smoke! There are some forests fires not too far from my city right now, and the wind keeps blowing the smoke our way! The past few mornings I've actually been waking up to the smell of smoke in my room. It's horrible, and I wish it would just go away! I love seeing beautiful, sunny spring days, and being able to smell nature's lovely scents when I'm in the park, not the smell of smoke.

On to the outfit, I wanted to pair up a girly, flowy dress with all black. So I wore my red dress, and my tights, heels, jacket, and hat were all black. I think it really helps make the dress stand out more, and it is a great look for all times of the day! With all of the black on it looks like I was probably hot and uncomfortable in the outfit, but it was actually very comfy! The heels do get a bit uncomfortable after a while, though.

Have a lovely day, and thanks for reading! xx

Dress - Forever 21
Hat - Forever 21
Shoes - Target
Accessories - Forever 21
Faux Leather Jacket - Windsor

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