Friday, June 29, 2012

I Wanna Be Adored

Today was such a clear, sunny, lovely day, so I thought it would be perfect to go to the park! & I've also been really looking foward to making a post with me in this dress! I got it about a month ago, and I am just in love with it. It just makes me feel so girly and happy, haha! Unfortunately, though, my little trip to the park was cut a bit short. While I was out in the grass taking photos of myself, this really creepy looking guy was riding his bike, and he just stopped and started staring at me! This isn't the first time something odd like this has occured, so I was just trying to ignore it. I continued on taking my photos, and about five minutes later I noticed he was gone. But then, I turned around and noticed him on a different street, staring at me more! I was kind-of really creeped out by this point, and I began to slowly start packing up my things, but I really wasn't done taking photos, so I kind of stayed around a bit longer, trying to take as many photos as possible, hoping to get a lot of good ones to choose from, of course. Then, he turned around on his bike, and started heading up into the park trail, and he began to approach me. By this point, I am packing up so fast it was crazy. I hear all of these horror stories everyday on the news about people being killed and abducted and all, and although he was only on a bike, I didn't care, I was going to take off to my car! Haha! But it was too late, he came up to me, and he was asking me these questions in this really creepy voice and tone. Questions like, "Whatcha doin'? .. Taking pictures, huh? .. What kinda camera is that?" And like the awkward and terrified person that I am and was at the moment, I just kind of made eye contact for a split second and I quickly walked to my car. He kept staring at me, and then he finally left. And, of course, as he was leaving he stared more. Although I could've just gotten back out of my car when he left, I was terrified and freaked out, and I even had the shakes pretty badly. So I thought it would be best if I just went back home. But this actually probably isn't a scary story to anyone else, and actually when I told my dad about it he laughed. But oh well, in my opinion, you can never be to sure of people like that. But anyways - I am not done with photographing myself in this dress, and I will be taking more, probably more 'artsy' photos instead of mostly focusing on the outfit only. This dress is darling to me and I feel pretty when I wear it, so I am loving taking photos in it!

Thanks for reading, hope you have a lovely day! xx

Maxi dress - Marshall's
Wedges - Target
Hat - Target
Bag - Thrifted


  1. Eww...creeps. I probably would've reacted the same way. In smaller towns, people don't really get it. Fashion bloggers aren't usually just running about! These photos are lovely though, I simply adore a hi-lo skirt! :)


  2. Oh so so lovely! I love this dreamy dress and photos. You look so naturally beautiful :)
    Ugh, so sorry you had to deal with that creep! I hate it when people get too curious about why I'm taking pictures...usually I'm with a friend though so it's less scary aha

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  3. I love your photos! <3 You're beautiful dear ..

  4. Oh this dress is amazing! and you are incredibly beautiful :)
    I'm a new follower and I can't wait to see more posts..
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  5. The high-low dress is beautiful! The color is also fabulous because you can dress is up with ANY kind of color. Your hat is also really awesome- I seriously love your outfit :)

    P.S. You look a bit like Kylie Jenner

  6. I saw this on Chictopia and fell in love with the whole look. The color palette is so warm and soft ;)


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