Monday, June 11, 2012

My Summer Wardrobe!


I am so happy it is finally summer. For someone who lives in Florida like myself though, that means wearing minimal clothes! I have a hard time getting out of my house in my normal dresses and long-sleeve blouses, heck, even medium-sleeved tops are way too much! During the summer, I try to focus a lot on comfort and cool clothes, rather than what looks best. Above I have what my summer wardrobe looks like for this season! I don't exactly own a lovely high-waisted bathing suit like the one from YSL above, but I'm trying to find one! And floral print shorts are also going to make their way into my closet soon..haha! Oh! and I also ordered a lovely pair of sandals the other day! This makes me so happy, because I don't own any sandals! I am so picky when it comes to them. Every pair I see in stores are just not me, and I also don't want to pay over 50$ for a pair. Well, the pair I found I saw in stores but I had to find them and order them online because in the store they didn't have my size. But they were 40$ and after tax and shipping came out to being 50$. But they are so so lovely and I will definitely be wearing them every day this summer!

I had to post a photo of them.. they are just so lovely to me haha! But yeah I think that's all for now.. we finally have blue skies over here, for now, anyways! So I am going to go to the park and photograph my outfit today!

Hope you all have a lovely Monday! xx


  1. Nice_post.

  2. Love the beach wear outfit! Kinda look like what I wore recently on my have a lovely blog btw :)

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  4. I saw your interview on a blog I read and I love your style! The photos you take are beautiful too :) I love the bikini and the marc jacob's perfume is my favourite too! Definitely following :)
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