Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vedette Shapewear Giveaway Winners!

So a few weeks ago I had a Vedette Shapewear contest, and the contest was actually over on June 7th, but to be honest, I had forgotten all about it! So I am very sorry to keep you all waiting so long! This is also my first time having a contest, so I guess I am just not used to it, which is why I totally forgot about it. But thankfully when I was creating a couple of new blog posts for you all, I happened to see that post title for the giveaway, and it reminded me to announce the winners! Haha!

I have seen where just about every blogger goes to for their random number generators to fairly pick winners for their contests, which is the easiest way of picking a winner, especially for those contests with about 100+ entries. I didn't get many entries at all for this contest, but thats okay! Anyways, for my contest there were three winners, so actually almost everyone that entered wins. But here are my results from the random number generator:

So, my three winners for this contest are Cindy A., Szabina L., and Barbara J! Congratulations, ladies! I will be emailing you all very shortly to get some details from you so we can mail you your Vedette Shapewear piece!



  1. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of the lucky winners. Congratulations to Szabina and Barbara, too!

  2. Oh now I'm wishing i'd entered! :( i totally forgot--but the chances would have been SO HIGH! bummer
    Luckiest Clothing store credit giveaway!!


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