Saturday, July 28, 2012

Aerosmith Concert - Instagram Posts

So, you all probably know that I did go to my very first Aerosmith concert (and my very first concert) the other day, and it was PERFECT. Aerosmith has been my favorite band for almost 10 years now, (and yes, I'm only 16), and I've had a HUGE crush (lol crush.. more like obsession) on Steven Tyler for a long time as well. Okay, so Cheap Trick opened up for Aerosmith, and they're awesome as well, and they played really good! But after they were setting up for Aerosmith to play, I was literally getting so nervous. I am crazy in love with Aerosmith, I'm not kidding. Even thinking about going to their concert, I start to cry. That's something else though, if I get too sad, or too happy/excited about something, I automatically cry. Haha! But anyways, the lights finally went dark, and I started hearing the drums play, and my heart was beating so fast. Then, when I saw Steven Tyler and Joe Perry coming out from under the stage, I FLIPPED! I started jumping, screaming at the top of my lungs, and, of course, crying. My first thought when I saw Steven was, "OH MY GOD HE'S REAL!" I sound so silly, I know, but just seeing this rock star that I've been basically in love with for so long in person was shocking. So unreal. It has literally been my dream for SO LONG to see Aerosmith, most importantly Steven Tyler, so yes, I flipped out. They played a lot of my favorites, and I do wish they would've played more of their old songs, but I'm definitely not complaining. They did play my favorite song, Livin' On The Edge, and it gave me chills and I was crying and staring at Steven and it was perfect. And when they played Dream On, oh lord it was beautiful. It was the greatest night of my life! But, now I've been really bummed out these past two days, because it's all over. It seemed so unreal when I was there, I felt like I was just watching a movie or something. So, I really need to go again! But this fall, they will be announcing a second leg of their tour, and next time it is guessed that they will probably be coming to Florida. So, if they do, I will be getting Meet and Greet tickets. I almost did this time, but they are around $1500 a ticket to meet Steven & Joe and get really close seats, and so my mom told me not to, unless they come to Florida. So.. I am just waiting until then now!

Oh! But I don't have ANY good camera pictures! I couldn't bring my DSLR, and so I brought my point and shoot camera, and I remembered to charge the batteries and everything, but when we actually got to the arena, I put in the batteries, and when I turned on the camera it turned off and said "Please charge the batteries." So I don't know what happened with that, but I tried to snap a few with my phone, and they suck, but its okay. There was a lady who sat next to us at the concert, and she literally ran up to the stage and took loads of really great photos, and she gave me her e-mail and told me that I could e-mail her and she would send me the photos. So I am so thankful for that! I really want some good photos so I can remember the concert, and how good Steven looked! ;D But anyways, here are my instagram photos from the concert, if you all don't follow me on Instagram!

1. Me, before the concert!
2. Waiting outside Philips Arena, about to walk in.
3. The stage, I thought I would snap a picture of it.
4. Me, trying to stay cool for a picture, but I was really freaking out. Lol!
5. My best picture from the concert, which is sad. But you can still tell it's Steven Tyler, so that's why I uploaded it.
6. Me, after the concert, in my awesome new Aerosmith shirt. I am going to wear this shirt EVERYWHERE. I now own four Aerosmith shirts! :)



  1. I'm so glad you had so much fun!! I don't think I've ever cried for a band, but I've been super excited and screamed and jumped. It's really fun to go to a concert no matter who it is, because most of the time, they always put on a really good show. And the energy is just contagious. That is cool that lady gave you her email! Hopefully you'll get some good photos! <3


  2. Nice photos!!!!!

    Hope you'll visit me, I will be really greteful :)
    Lots of kisses, Elena

  3. lovely photos! xx

  4. I love your style and I published some of your outfits on my blog ;)

  5. Love Aerosmith!! great concert outfit. You have beautiful hair and red lips really suit you :)

    And Very cute blog! Am following you know! IF you like check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other?

    Much love,

  6. Glad you had such a great time ! Love Aerosmith but never seen them !

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