Monday, July 16, 2012

Not in the Mood..

I am so sorry I have not posted for a few days.. I am just not in the mood. At all. Firstly, I went to my friend's house Thursday, and I stayed 'til Saturday, and we went to the beach, and I have gotten the worst sunburn of my life. Actually, I've never really been "sunburnt". But oh lord, it actually hurts to wear clothes. That's one reason why I haven't been wanting to make an outfit post, because I have been trying to wear as least as possible, and the burn is worst on my stomach and thighs, so I have been lounging around the house in extremely loose fitting shorts and huge t-shirts. But besides that, I have just felt so.. blah. I have been really un-inspired, and I know I probably shouldn't have to feel "inspired" to go out an take a photo of my outfit, but I do. It really helps. I've just felt so tired these past few days. I haven't been doing anything, nor do I feel like it. Actually, to be honest, I went out today to take photos. I rode my bicycle all the way to the park, in a dress, and I got there and set up my tripod and camera, and then I realized I had forgotten my memory card! So I just rode my bicycle back home, I guess I'll just try again tomorrow.

So I'm really sorry, truly I am, and I will be posting regularly again by tomorrow, or the next day. But I will also be gone for three days next week also, I'm going to Atlanta for an Aerosmith concert.

Hope you all have a lovely week! xx


  1. Aww...I'm so sorry about the sunburn! I know those can be awful and definitely make you not want to wear any clothes! I hope it feels better soon. Looking forward to your posts, and have fun at the concert! <3



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