Saturday, August 11, 2012


(**Please forgive me for not wearing any makeup at all in these photos..I just didn't feel like putting any on today!)

Hello, lovelies! I went thrifting today, and back-to-school clothes shopping Wednesday, and so I'll be having all kinds of good outfit posts for you within the next few weeks! Today I wore this new dress for school that I got from Forever 21. On the tag it said that the colors are orange and navy blue, but in these photos it looks red and purple to me! But whatever the colors are, I am in love with the style of the dress! I love how the back has a cut-out in it, and how it also has a collar! Collars are my weakness! It also is a bit tight fitting in the waist, which I like, because it gives the dress more shape. And, the last amazing thing about this dress is that it has little pockets on it! I always love a dress with little hidden pockets, so I can put tiny things in them that I don't feel like putting in my purse (and having to dig out later!) I also thrifted these lovely little shoes today, I'm not sure what anyone else would consider them being, but I'm pretty sure they're considered mary janes. Whatever the name, they are vintage Nine West, and I thrifted them along with a lovely Ralph Lauren denim shirt for only $6! I automatically fell in love with these shoes, they are so pretty, and they definitely make me feel pretty! Haha! :)

Also, I would like to let you all know that I probably won't be posting as much for a bit, because I'm going to be very busy in the near future with volunteering for community service hours for school, school itself, and I will also be making a facebook page for my photography soon, which will lead to setting up a lot more photo sessions with people! I'm also thinking about making another blog to post my shoots, but that won't be but for a while, so I still have time to decide whether I should or not. So if I'm not posting as much for a little bit, that's why!

Thanks for reading, hope you all are having a lovely weekend! xx

Hat - Target
Dress - Forever 21
Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse - Thrifted
Vintage Nine West shoes - Thrifted


  1. That cut out in the back is perfect. I've been into back cut outs like crazy lately and I'm still searching for the perfect pair.

  2. That dress is so cute! And those shoes are amazing! I find it hard to thrift vintage shoes because they are always too small for my feet. But those are so cute. How do you do the bokeh in your photos? If you do do a photo blog, please post tips because I'd love to learn how to do that! <3


  3. aww that dress! love the photo of your back:D

    Beholder's Inn

  4. wonderful outfit. I'm totally in love!

  5. The shoes go so well with the dress, I'm in love! It looks so gorgeous on you :) - xo

  6. That dress IS gorgeous! I love the color and the back cutout, and the sleeves fall so prettily! :) Aw, sad that you won't be posting as much! Don't leave us for TOO long! :)
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  7. You look stunning! The color definitely looks red to me, but it still looks gorgeous! I love the cut-out style in the back, I would so buy this! And the hat adds the perfect touch! :)

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  8. Absolutely love this dress; you're a doll!

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  9. You're beautiful without make up, so don't say 'sorry' about that!
    It's wonderful that you're doing some community service, people should do things like that more often...!


  10. wow I love your dress! the colour just seems to pop out, how amazing! love your whole outfit and your photos, well done :)

    Drawing Dreaming

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