Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Fall at the Main Street Confectionery!

** Hello, followers! I was just at WDW yesterday, and I got to thinking, I've never really made any kind of Disney related post on my blog! As much as I love Disney and I love going there often, I thought it was about time to make a nice little post that is Disney World related here on my blog! I thought making a post of the yummy fall treats would also be a great start to the season, and sharing things that I love and are important to me outside of fashion would make my blog a bit more personal, which is always good. Hope you enjoy it :) **


Something I really love about going to Walt Disney World during the fall and winter seasons is visiting the Main Street Confectionery at Magic Kingdom. I love smelling the sweet aromas as I walk through the bright, pastel colored building over to the counter with all of the wonderfully designed disney treats in it!


Since tomorrow is the beginning of October, Magic Kingdom is already ready for fall and Halloween! The park is beautifully decorated with pumpkins and lovely fall color schemes, and they are beginning to sell their yummy Halloween-themed treats at the Main Street Confectionery. When I visit, I love buying a nice treat from the Main Street Confectiionery, and when the holidays start approaching, there is always a nice diversity of treats each year! This year, they have adorable Chesire Cat and Mickey Jack-O-Lantern candy apples, Mickey pumpkin chocolate cupcakes, candy corn and pumpkin sugar cookies, mickey shaped orange colored, purple colored, and chocolate covered vanilla cake pops (yummy!) and lots of other wonderful things to try!


Also, what's neat about the Main Street Confectionery is watching the treats being made. It's interesting being able to see how they make everything look so pretty and yummy!


Hope you enjoyed my post. It's not really related to fashion or style of course, but its nice seeing something different every once in a while, right? Maybe I'll start making more posts like this sometimes.

Hope you all have a lovely week! xx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Finally Fall!


Hello lovelies! Since today it is now officially fall, I decided to go out in some fall colors. I wore this vintage dress that I thrifted the other day. It is kinda too big for me and I have to wear a belt with it to give it some shape, but besides that it is very cute and I feel great in it!

I am so glad it is now fall, and I also have something huge to look forward to now! Since the last time I posted here on my blog, I bought more Aerosmith concert tickets, this time for Tampa. They are going back on tour, and for this concert I bought Meet and greets! Thats right, I will be meeting Steven Tyler! I have been literally freaking out, I've been crying, screaming, and I've had this huge grin on my face ever since I bought the tickets. I think we all know by now I am a very big Aerosmith fan and oh goodness I just cannot wait 'til December 11th now!

But anyways, I'm going to go do some homework now that I've been putting off all weekend. Hope you're all having a great day! :) xx

Vintage Dress - Thrifted
Vintage Dooney and Bourke - Thrifted
Heels - Vintage

Monday, September 17, 2012


(Bracelets - c/o / Watch - Target)

Hello! The other day I got a lovely suprise in the mail, some bracelets from . I thought they were so lovely that I just had to pair them up with a nice outfit and wear it out today! It was a bit chilly this afternoon, so I finally got to wear a sweater and some booties. I can't wait til it gets a bit cooler though, I'm ready to do some fall shopping!

Have a lovely week xx

Cardigan - Forever 21
Dress - Forever 21
Vintage Dooney & Bourke - Thrifted
Scarf - Thrifted
Boots - JC Penney's
Bracelets - c/o

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's in my bag!

Hello, lovely readers! I know that lots of bloggers have been making their own "What's in my bag/purse" posts, and I thought it would be a good idea (and even a little bit amusing) to empty out my purse and show you all what's really inside of it at the moment.

1. Wallet
2. A hemp bracelet I made a few years ago
3. Cell phone
4. Various pens and a nail file
5. My keys and my sunglasses
6. Gum wrappers (I am usually too lazy to throw them into a trashcan, but I don't want to litter, either, so I just throw them in my purse!)
7. Receipts - from F.Y.E, Walgreens, and a thrift shop to be exact!
8. Stride tropical trance gum (it is so yummy), Baby Lips, a USB stick, and Rose Salve

Thanks for reading! xx

Monday, September 10, 2012


Hello, lovely followers! It is now 11 pm on a Monday night where I live, and I am currently putting off homework that is due tomorrow just to put up this post for you all! Right now, it is starting to feel like fall already where I live! Not during the day, but in the evenings the temperature gets a bit cooler, and I can actually wear a sweater outside without getting gross and sweaty, yay! Anyways, I've been super busy lately but I do have 4 more posts I am working on currently! I'm excited to post them and share them with you all! :)

Dress - Thrifted
Shoes - Vintage Nine West (Thrifted)
Bag - Vintage Dooney & Bourke (Thrifted)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Going To California

Hello, lovely followers! My second week of school has now passed and I now have homework in every subject every night. Its so much harder this year, and its only been the second week. This is going to be a long year, and once again I apologize for not posting. I really need to focus this year, Junior year being the most important year of school.

But anyways, it was a bit cooler outside this evening, and it finally wasn't raining! I went out and took some photos in my fall-weather outfit, yay! I felt very 70's which is always nice to me. :) I think this fall I really want to get more wear out of my cowboy boot-styled shoes here, I've had them for two years, but I don't wear them very often because the bottoms once fell off, and I had to glue them back (lol). I am always scared they're going to fall apart again, so I never wear them. I think I should probably invest in a new pair, though, because they are quite lovely.

Thanks for reading! xx

Headband - Forever 21
Sweater - Thrifted
Pants - Thrifted
Shoes - Thrifted
Necklace - Forever 21
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