Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Instagram Posts of 2012!

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1.) My best friend, Brittany and I in art class. My first Instagram post, taken back in April!
2.) I really liked my outfit on that hot, summer day.
3.) My favorite trees in the Magic Kingdom! One of my many Walt Disney World instagram photos.
4.) This is from when my dad and I took a trip to St. Augustine to go fishing. After about 10 minutes, I got bored and just wandered off by the rocks. The only thing we caught that day was a crab. I thought it was cute so I poked it, and it snapped at me. So I just took a stick and pushed it back into the water.
5.) A lovely little summer dress I got in the mail, c/o Oasap!
6.) July 26th, my first Aerosmith concert, which was in Atlanta. It was a very happy day for me (at the time it was the greatest night of my life... until I saw Aerosmith in Tampa, haha.) I cried through the first 5 songs, and everyone around me was asking me if I was okay. I would shout back, "I'M JUST SO HAPPY!!!!"
7.) Another photo of my best friend, Brittany. This was taken on our little Starbucks coffee date we had for my 17th birthday last month.
8.) A cheesy little mirror selfie taken in my favorite antique shop. I have way too much fun in there!
9.) December 11th, my second Aerosmith concert, which was in Tampa. This time I got meet and greet tickets, and I cried way more than last time (about 30 mins). I still need to share my photos m&g story with you all. Let me just say, when I'm super happy, I just start crying. I was VERY happy that day! Haha!
10.) This photo is nothing special, just an outfit I wore out to dinner with my parents the other night. I was really liking the all black outfit!

Hope you all have a wonderful New Years! xx


  1. Lovely pictures! I know exactly what you mean, I cry when I'm happy too! x

  2. You look absolutely darling - I love your hair!



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