Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Windy Days

IMG_3319 blogcopy
IMG_3447 blogcopy
(Wearing: Hat - F21, Dress - F21, Cardigan - F21, Socks - Target, Heels - Target, Vintage Dooney and Bourke - Thrifted)

This afternoon was really windy, so it was definitely a challenge trying to keep my hat on and my hair out of my face for these photos! It took me a while to actually get some decent ones, but I couldn't just not take photos of my outfit today, I loved it too much! I found this dress in December at Forever 21, and I automatically fell in love with it, mostly because the color reminds me of that lovely dress Kiera Knightley wore in Atonement. I also love the detail at the top, and how light and flowy it feels!


  1. Pictures are literally impossible in the wind! Try having bangs as well. They literally stick strait up and look like the boys who used to gel their hair strait up in the front in the fourth grade.
    I love your dress.

  2. beautiful green dress :D

    btw if you want to be apart of some love sharing in this Valentine's month be sure to check out my latest post and join in :D

    xoxo, Miss B.

  3. Love this dress! Paired with the sweater it is perfect for wintery days! I'd probably have to add a few more layers as well since it is so cold in boston!

    ~ Caroline

  4. Very nice outfit!
    I love your shoes:)


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