Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sentimental Tune

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Wearing: Sheer coral blouse - c/o Papaya Clothing, Hounds-tooth blazer - F21, Vintage Levi's high-waisted shorts - Thrifted, cream colored oxfords - F21, Vintage Dooney and Bourke - Thrifted

Hello lovely readers! Today I brought out my coral high-low blouse from Papaya Clothing once again and paired it with some shorts and a blazer. I feel like I am really beginning to slowly transition into my spring wardrobe and I'm ready for some warm weather to match. This week has been going by so slow for me, and I am so ready for Friday to be here already, because I am taking a little day trip to Disney World with my best friend which will be so exciting! All I have to say is, expect lots of photos when I get back! ♥


Monday, February 25, 2013

Visiting Statue

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Wearing: Hat - F21, Shirt - F21, Dress - F21, Heels - Target

Today was a bit of a dark, gloomy day, so I guess it just kind of inspired me to wear a "darker" outfit. All weekend the weather has been more on the gloomy side, so I just stayed inside and relaxed all weekend. I really do apologize for not blogging all weekend since I've actually had time to, but I've been working on something new for you all! ;)

Anyways, I'm really tired and am heading off to bed shortly. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday! xx

Friday, February 22, 2013

H&M Rock'n'Roll Mansion Collection

H&M Rock'n'Roll Mansion Collection

I just came across this new collection from H&M, and I don't know what it is about this collection that is making me so drawn to it. Maybe it's Georgia May's gorgeous looks, or maybe it's her wonderful 60's inspired hair and boots, or the fact that all the white just looks so simple but both rock'n'roll and classy at the same time. Whatever it is, I just know I am absolutely in love. I'm especially loving that gray dress, white leather studded jacket and those wonderful white boots. I really need those boots...I've got a few vintage 60's dresses that would perfect with those boots and some colorful tights!

What do you all think of this collection? I would love to know! xx


Monday, February 18, 2013

Into the Trees

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(Jewelry: Bracelet - DIY, Watch - Vintage Gucci)
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Wearing: Hat - F21, Blazer - Thrifted, Blouse - Thrifted, Jeans - Thrifted, Loafer Heels - Vintage

Like I said I would, I sat around in my house drinking coffee until three and chatting about pretty much everything with my mom today. When I finally got out, it was chilly once again so I decided to make the best of it with my very menswear-inspired outfit! I found the blazer at a thrift shop, and it looks very fall, but I just couldn't help but to wear it! I love the colors and it is also so warm! I paired it with a vintage off-white blouse that I also thrifted! I love the cut-out design in the cuffs, collar and down the front of the blouse... it's wonderful how something so simple can really make a blouse so much more lovely!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Dawn

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(Bracelet - c/o Starry Groove, Watch - Target)
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(Wearing: Sheer coral blouse - c/o Papaya Clothing, Sweater - Thrifted, Jeans - PacSun, Booties - Target, Hat - F21

Spring is getting closer and closer, and today I decided to dress in more spring-y colors! It was really cold today, if not one of the coldest days this winter! Tomorrow is President's Day and I'm glad I don't have school tomorrow, now I can bundle up and drink coffee and read... sounds like a perfect winter day to me! But I am so ready for spring, and I cannot wait to start wearing more pastel colors, and also get a lot of wear out of my new coral high-low sheer blouse from Papaya!

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Hope you all have a lovely day! xx

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hello, wonderful readers! I’ve teamed up with the shop Firmoo to bring you all a lovely eyeglasses giveaway! Firmoo is an online eyeglasses shop that sells a wide range of both classic and fashion/designer glasses frames to choose from. Along with the great option to choose whatever you want when looking for that perfect new pair of eyeglasses, Firmoo’s frames are also very inexpensive, which is always great!

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Good luck! xx


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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lover of the Light

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Wearing: head scarf - thrifted, dress - c/o Papaya Clothing, saddle oxfords - Urban Outfitters, necklace - vintage,

Hello, everyone! I had a really nice weekend, and part of what made it so wonderful was receiving my new lovely clothes in the mail c/o Papaya Clothing! Today I wore this wonderful polka dress they sent me, and I am in love! It is everything I could ever want in a dress! I love the shape of the dress, the cut-out in the back, the polka dots, and of course how comfortable the dress is! I also cannot get over the fact that so many different looks can be put together with this dress! But besides that, I've spent this nice weekend just relaxing, sipping on homemade iced coffees and getting lots of inspiration from my new Free People, Anthropologie, and J.Crew catalogues! Oh, and I also saw Les Miserables. Again. I think I could watch that film over and over again and never grow tired of it!

Hope you all had a great weekend! xx


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Livin' Free

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Wearing: Hat - Forever 21, Turtleneck - Forever 21, Pants - Forever 21, Boots - Target

Hello, lovely followers! I am begining to wear my colorblock turtleneck once again, because the weather is now once again beginning to actually feel like winter-weather. This time I paired it with my lovely new polka dot pants from Forever 21! I love the fun-ness of them, and they look good with everything, all year long!

Also, I'm happy to announce that I am in this year's seventeen style council! You can see me in the March 2013 issue of Seventeen Magazine, which is out now! Here's a photo my best friend took of a very happy me finally seeing my page in Seventeen!

Fullscreen capture 212013 61216 PM.bmp

I'm off to bed now - I'm beginning to get into this habit of making my outfit posts really late at night, which probably isn't the best idea. Goodnight!

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