Monday, March 25, 2013

Lazy Day

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Wearing: hat - target, dress - c/o Boohoo, heels - thrifted, dooney and bourke bag - thrifted

Today turned out to be a perfect spring day, and so I put on my favorite dress at the moment, which I got courtesy of Boohoo! I'm sure you all know by now how much I love my floral dresses! Anyways, besides taking photos of my outfit, the most productive thing I've done all day was drink tea and look through the latest J.Crew catalog. Yes, it was just another lazy Sunday!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013


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Wearing: hat - Target, dress - c/o Papaya Clothing, wedges - Target, bag - thrifted

Hello! Sorry I've been gone for about a week now, I've been both feeling a bit sick and also working on a new little DIY for you all, which will be up on the blog later this week! Today was perfect spring weather, so I brought out this colorful little strapless dress from Papaya Clothing! I am so in love with this dress, the colors and the print are just so perfect for spring! It's safe to say that this will definitely be one of my main go-to's this season!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Gods & Monsters

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Wearing: Hat - F21, Vintage Levi's Jacket - Thrifted, Shirt - JCP, Pants - c/o Boohoo, Boots - c/o Boohoo

Today I let out my inner rock-n-roll junkie with my new striped pants and my red studded boots from Boohoo! They are both so incredibly comfortable and so cute at the same time! I know it doesn't seem my style AT ALL, but believe it or not I've been eyeing some boots and pants like these for a while now! The first time I saw some of those striped pants, I automatically started keeping an eye out for some, because they totally remind me of an outfit Steven Tyler used to wear, and I am in love with his style and want everything that looks like something he's worn or would wear, of course. Anyways, I am completely obsessed with this outfit and, I'm not gonna lie, I feel pretty cool in it too! Haha!

Thanks for reading! xx


Saturday, March 9, 2013

March Inspiration ♥


A few inspirational photos to start this first month of Spring off right. Loving all of the pastels, florals and cupcakes! ♥

Thursday, March 7, 2013

For Your Love

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Hat - Target, Blouse - F21, Skirt - Vintage from my grandma's closet, Tights - Target, Heels - Target, Vintage Dooney and Bourke - Thrifted

Hello lovely readers! Today I went over to my grandma's house, and while I was there I bit of looking around in her closet, and I found this lovely skirt! I automatically fell in love with the floral tapestry print so I completely changed my outfit just so I could wear that skirt! I'm not sure yet if I'm borrowing it or if I plan on returning it to her, I honestly don't think she really minds either way. The other day I saw that a lot of Target's colorful tights were half off, so I stocked up on many colors! These magenta ones are definitely my favorite pair! I also got this light blue blouse a while back in Forever 21, and I hadn't wore it until today, because I was waiting until Spring, but I just couldn't wait any longer! Pussybow blouses are also my favorites right now because they just remind me so much of the 70's, the decade that inspires me so greatly. I was just very happy with my outfit today and I can definitely see myself wearing it a lot! I have to say it also put me in a really good mood today, and knowing the fact that tomorrow's Friday also put me in a good mood...yay!

Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


Firmoo Giveaway Winners!


Hello, everyone! I know I've probably waited far too long to put up the winner for the Firmoo giveaway, but here it is!

Fullscreen capture 2262013 102052 PM.bmp

I just used a random number generator to find the winner, and the winner for the free pair of eyeglasses is Nani K.! Congrats! Please be looking out for an email from me soon giving more details about how to claim your free pair of eyeglasses!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Not Fade Away

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Wearing: Black/white striped maxi - c/o Papaya Clothing, Vintage Levi's denim jacket - Thrifted, Red neck scarf - Thrifted, hat - F21, booties - Target, Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag - Thrifted

Today was the coldest weekend in my city so far this winter, but I went ahead and wore my new striped maxi from Papaya Clothing anyways! I've been wanting a black and white striped maxi dress for forever now, and I finally found the perfect one! The material is soft and light, and it can be paired with so much! I think a black/white striped maxi is something that every girl should have in her closet, because they are perfect to wear during all seasons, and they can be dressed up, dressed down and literally everything goes well with one! I can't wait to wear it more, I have a feeling this will be my perfect simple go-to outfit for the upcoming spring and summer months!

Also, as we all know, my Firmoo contest has been closed for a little over a week now. I will be posting up and contacting the winners very soon, probably tomorrow!


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