Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Favorite Head/Hair Accessories For Spring!

IMG_7105 blogcopy-horz
Hat - Thrifted
IMG_7037 copy-horz
Hat - Target
This Spring I am really into straw hats, and hats that look like straw hats! My hats here aren't actually straw hats, but they have that look, which I love! You can catch me wearing one with just about any outfit, they really seem to tie a look together for me!
IMG_7081 copy-horz
Bows - c/o Little Bluebird USA Bows
I've recently discovered a new love for classic hair bows! They can really make a simple outfit effortlessly girly, and they are good for a quick hairstyle! You can do so many things with bows, which I love! You can clip them on to a bun, a pony tail, or just to the back of your hair. I got these two lovely bows courtesy of Little bluebird USA bows! I really recommend checking out her etsy, she has so many classic bows with many different adorable patterns! ♥
IMG_7073 copy-horz
Flower Crown - DIY
I've always loved flower crowns, and I've always wanted to make one! I found out how to recently and it's actually very easy! I made this one with some fake flowers from Wal-Mart. I was really going for that freshly-picked-from-a-field wildflower look. I also picked simple colors that can go with many outfits, because I know I will be wearing my little crown a lot! If you want to know how I made my crown, I will be posting a DIY for it in the next few days, so look out for that!
Thanks for reading! I wanna know, what are your favorite hair/head accessories for this season?
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