Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flower Crown - DIY

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I've been seeing so many lovely floral crowns being worn lately, and now that Spring is finally here again, I thought it was finally time for me to attempt to make my own. It really was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and really cheap, too, so I thought I would share it with you all!


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Floral wire - You will need this to make the actual "crown"
Floral tape - This is necessary for making sure your flowers don't fall off!
Assortment of flowers - You can use either real or fake flowers, but I recommend fake flowers!
Pair of pliers or heavy-duty/sturdy scissors - This is to cut your wire and your fake flowers (they have thick wire in them).

I purchased all of my materials at Wal-Mart, but you can also get them at a craft store. All of my materials came out to being around $10! This is a super cheap price, and you can also make 2-3 more crowns with your left over flowers afterwards, and many more crowns with your left over floral wire and tape!

First, take your floral wire and start un-wrapping some of it. While you're un-wrapping it, make sure you use your fingers to smoothen it out, because otherwise it will be sort of crinkled up from being wrapped around its packaging so tightly. After this, form your wire into a circle, and place it around your head to start fitting it. Tighten or loosen up your circle as necessary. I suggest that you make the wire fit a little bit looser around your head than you want it, because once your flowers are on there that will take away some of the space. Once you feel that the wire fits comfortably on your head the way you want it too, wrap the end of the wire to where you want it. Make sure you do not cut the wire at all yet, just leave it attached to the rest of the wire still wrapped around the packaging!

After you've wrapped the end of the wire around where you want it to be on your crown, un-wrap some more wire from the packaging and start bringing it back around your crown. You'll need to create more than one layer of wire so your crown is thicker and more sturdy, otherwise that one thin wire will be really flimsy and you will not be able to put any flowers on it. As you start wrapping more wire around, twist it together like you did to connect your first wire every once in a while so it will all stay connected. Make sure you do it in a different spot each time, though. Once you've wrapped the wire around about 4-5 times, cut the wire and twist it around your crown.

Once that is done, take a small piece of floral tape and wrap it around where you ended off your crown. This is to cover up the pointy edge, and also to make sure the crown doesn't come undone.

Now that this part of the crown is complete, start cutting the flowers off to add on. Make sure when you cut them off that you still leave about 2 inches of the thin plastic "stem" left on them. If you are planning to add more than one type of flower like I did, don't start cutting off and adding both types of flowers yet. Just pick which one you want to add to the crown first, and start cutting off those flowers. Once you're done cutting the flowers off, cut off a piece of floral wire, about 3-4 inches in length. After this, put your first little flower over where you put your floral tape, and wrap your short piece of floral wire very tightly around the stem of the flower. Make sure when you're wrapping it around the stem that you spread it out completely along the length of the stem, rather than just wrapping it all together in one space. This will help keep the flower in place. Complete the process for each little flower you wish to add. You can also add floral tape around each little flower as you add them, which I recommend, but I decided not to, only because I was feeling a bit lazy. :)

TIP: As you're adding in your flowers, feel free to add them on in all different directions! If you have them all going in the same direction, it will make the crown look smaller and less full than if you have the flowers going in multiple directions. It will really add a lot to the crown!

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Once you are done adding on your first layer of flowers, if you wish to add some more flowers in of a different color or type, just repeat the process! It will be a little bit more difficult since you have all of the other flowers a bit in the way, but once you start adding them in it won't be as difficult.


After you've added in all of your flowers, you're done! It's all very simple, and it doesn't take much time or effort! I am so happy with my flower crown and I plan to make more in the future! What I also love about these is that you can make so many different ones, and depending on what flowers you add to them, you can give your flower crown so many different looks. With this one, I went for a very natural, "wild-flower" look. I love it so much, and I chose simple colors so I can wear it with a lot of things! Floral crowns are also good as photo shoot props!

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I hope you enjoy this DIY! If you try it out, let me know how it works for you in the comments! I'm still new at making DIY's, and I look forward to making more in the future, so let me know how you like them!



  1. This is a great DIY! I've fallen in love with flower crowns though at first I was sceptical about them. Your tutorial was really great, it showed exactly how to do it, thank you for that xo Can't wait to try one myself!


  2. amazing crown, i love how you look with it ;)

  3. This turned out so cute, I love the flowers you chose. It's a really cute look on you!

    Kristina does the Internets

  4. This looks really good! I only have one question about the DIY. I've been making origami bouquets for my wedding and stem tape is really quite sticky. When it's done to you fine it sticks to your hair at all?

  5. This looks great! I love the flowers you used too, it's not really over the top like lots of crowns I have seen. It's understated and really pretty! xx

  6. You look gorgeous and I love the DIY idea! You should definetly do more DIY posts (:

  7. So pretty! It's looks great with the polka dot dress.
    xoxo Aimee

  8. I tried this and it turned out really well! Then my dog ate it...

  9. This is such a great DIY, I love flower crowns at the moment-they are so pretty and fresh :) I haven't thought of making one myself before, such a good idea!!


  10. Great DIY! I've seen a quite a lot of different methods now. I made one using raffia to cover regular wire not long agao. That also works pretty well xxx

  11. That looks amazing! Would you be interested in being featured on my blog? I have a spot open for July. Email me if you would like to :-)


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