Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hung Up On a Dream

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Hat - Target, Blouse - F21, Skirt - F21, Wedges - Target, Vintage Dooney & Bourke bag - Thrifted

Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting for over a week, I meant to post this weekend, but I both broke my 50mm lens and I was sick! I ordered a new lens immediately after I broke it, I just cannot live without that lens. It got here today, which was great because it was a beautiful day and I finally took the time to curl my hair this morning before school! I usually don't dress very nice for school because I am too lazy to put any effort into it in the mornings, but to make this horrible first day back after my lovely spring break not as back, I took the time to dress cute and do my hair! I decided to wear my new polka dot blouse from F21 which I love, and I paired it with a denim skirt and some wedges! It was an easy, light outfit for this warm Spring day, and I felt cute in it, also! :)



  1. I'm loving this look! Very cute polka dots and I love your shoes.

  2. You look so pretty in this outfit!! Love the skirt <3

    Do check out my blog!

  3. You look so adorable in this outfit! love the polka dot top and the leaf necklace :)

    if you like, check out my new outfit post?

    Jess xo

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  5. This is so nice! I love your hair when it's curly :-)

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  6. Cute! You look so fresh :) xx


  7. This is such a sweet look! Love your necklace! New to your blog :)

    xox Lara

  8. This is just perfect! So simple, yet so effective! I wish we could get our 50mm to capture shots as great as yours, I really must get around to taking a photography course one of these days xxx

  9. I see Florida girls have a knack for fashion! You're adorable!

  10. Always so girly and pretty!

  11. I'm completely in love with your blouse - but even more so, that denim skirt! I may have to stop in at Forever 21 and take a look at it. & what a bummer that your lens broke! That thing is VITAL for blogging, eh? ;)

    xxoo E

  12. I was going to say what part of your outfit I like best, but I can't decide! Love the whole look! :)

  13. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your lens, but it's good your new one came so quickly! I really love your adorable polka dot top paired with the button-down denim skirt. This makes me want to break out my denim skirt!

  14. You're so cute!:) xoxo


  15. Your outfit is so freaking cute! Love the polka dots, feather necklace, and hat!!
    Sincerely, Sara

  16. A beautiful and refreshing outfit. You look lovely! Following your really cool blog, now <3

  17. I absolutely love your blog and style - so fun! This outfit is perfect for spring, I love the skirt, shirt, and sandals.


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