Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fragments of Time

IMG_8843 blogcopy
IMG_8901 copy
Accessories: Earrings - F21, Watch - Target, Bracelets - F21
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IMG_8875 blogcopy
IMG_8922 blogcopy
Wearing: Oversized fedora - F21, Lace maxi dress - Thrifted, Vintage Nine West flats - Thrifted

I've been really into getting all dolled up lately and looking more expensive with my jewelry, and I've really been obsessed with my new earrings from Forever 21! They look very Great Gatsby-inspired to me, and that's why I love them! I've also had very good luck with finding cute things for cheap prices lately, first a few weeks ago when I found this very cute big watch from Target for only $17, and again last week when I scored this wonderful maxi from a thrift shop for only $7! The patterns in the lace of the maxi are perfect, and the lace also has sort-of a sparkle and shine to it, which you can't tell from photos. This look was very cheap and is so comfortable and easy, but I feel so fancy! I love it! ♥


  1. This reminds me of Downton Abbey! Love your dress, you look lovely as always :) xx


  2. I love this! Your ear rings are stunning, and I love your watch too! I really want a watch like this, I need to find one! x

  3. I'm in love with your dress! It just looks so romantic and it fits you perfectly. Since I'm on the short side, every maxi drags on the floor ): but your dress hits your ankles perfectly, so props for that!
    - Ashley

    Not Haute

  4. Love the dress! It's so cute!

  5. That dress is really gorgeous! It looks so stunning on you, especially with the accessories :)
    I really love your blog but can't seem to find a way to follow you?!

  6. This maxi dress is gorgeous on you! It looks so classic and pretty. I've never worn a maxi dress, but I would definitely wear one like this!