Saturday, June 22, 2013

June Inspiration ♥

This month, all of my inspiration is coming from cute rooms and Sex and the City. Lately, while I'm not watching Sex and the City I'm making improvements on my room, and when I'm not making improvements on my room, I'm watching Sex and the City. I've also been sucking down endless caramel iced coffees while I do both. Oh, the perks of living on the same street as a Dunkin Donuts. Ha! Anyways, I'm just so inspired from Sex and the City for some reason. Carrie's life is so fabulous, it's literally my dream life, and I think that's what has gotten me so attached to the show. To live in New York, be a writer, somehow be a part of the fashion scene, going to awesome New York parties, and buying designer shoes all the could anyone not want that life? I've also gotten the random inspiration from photos of lovely rooms and huge closets to organize my own room and closet. I've been going through a lot of my clothes and donating a lot of them, and I plan to try to sell some, too. I've also hung some shelves in my closet for my shoes, so they aren't all stacked up on each other anymore! It's finally all starting to look more organized and neat. I guess spring cleaning came a bit late for me...

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