Saturday, July 27, 2013

Shop My Closet!

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As I buy more clothes, I start forgetting about the older items that are buried deep within my closet. I've noticed this problem on many occassions, but I've never really thought about what I can do with these older, but still lovely un-worn clothes. I have always been aware that many style bloggers have just started little online shops, but to me that just seems a bit complicated (I'm kind-of afraid of trying new things), and so it's never really crossed my mind to start one myself. But I have now gotten a good understanding of how the online shop-thing works, and I'm ready to start one myself! I've just got a few things to sell right now, so this will not be an actual "shop", but maybe after a while if I get the hang of it pretty well, I will start selling vintage, because that's definitely something that's always seemed appealing to me! But for now, just a few items from my closet here and there.

As of right now, though, I only have five items listed! Just a few things that I love so much, but am ready to part with. Help them get new homes! ♥

- - -

- 90's Vintage Stripe/Polka Dot Cardigan -

- 90's Vintage Floral Print Romper -

- Vintage Pale Pink Blouse -

- 90's Vintage Maxi -

- White/Mint Sheer Babydoll Dress



  1. these are really cute! i've never used bigcartel before but i've had a lot of success in selling on threadflip. it's like a social media community for closet selling so you get more exposure :)

    p.s. if you're curious and sign up using this link, you get $5 and i get $5 too!

  2. cute!
    come visit my blog :)

  3. wow! You have amazing taste! Love all vintage stuff :)

    check out my blog :)

  4. Love these vintage clothes! so perfect (:


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