Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red, White and Gingham

Wearing: Thrifted denim shirt, Thrifted gingham dress, Thrifted red heels, Thrifted bag, Thrifted head scarf

Every time I go thrifting, it always seems that I never have any luck! I always expect coming home with bags loaded with thrifted goods, but I never really do, so that makes me feel like I never have any success on my thrifting trips. But, as I listed where I got everything worn in this outfit, I couldn't help but notice this whole outfit was put together with some of my thrifted finds! So, I guess even though I don't come home with many finds from one trip, it all builds up over time, and I eventually become able to put together full looks with my little thrifted treasures, haha! This is definitely one of my favorite summer outfits also, and the fact that I thrifted all of it feels great! Ah! Anyways, I go back to school tomorrow, which is weird, because it is my senior year. So that means my last first day of school ever (not counting college), so hopefully this first day will be good! Hope you all have a great week! ♥

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