Saturday, August 3, 2013

Urban Twilight

Wearing: Hat - F21, Top - c/o Lashes of London, Dress - F21, Heels - c/o Boohoo

Hello! It feels a bit weird making this's been raining so much lately so I've haven't really been able to take photos of my outfits! But lately I have really been on this layering thing, and I've been layering so many crop tops over my dresses, especially this black dress, because I've recently realized that I don't own a black skirt that's a shorter length, and I've been really wanting one! Seems like an easy thing to go out and buy, but it's really not for someone as picky as me, haha! I paired my new lovely little crop top from Lashes of London with my black dress from F21, and I have to say that I am so in love with this crop top! The floral details are definitely unique and the colors are perfect, and the sleeves are scalloped! How adorable is that? Anyways, I've been wearing this top everywhere with my shorts and of course over this dress. It's so summery and the color combo is my favorite!