Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 Tips For Taking Your Own Outfit Photos!

Sometimes, I think it would be kind-of awesome to have someone take my photos for me, but then again, Ilove taking my own photos. It's so much more simple, and for me, the outcome is always better than if someone else took my photos. As a big photography lover, I'm always experimenting with my camera and what I can do with it, and over the last few years I must say I've definitely come a long way with my self portraits and outfit photos. I frequently get asked about my equipment I use and how I take my own outfit photos, so I figured it would be a good idea and also a bit of fun to make one big post addressing it all!

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1. Get to know your camera and take many test shots.

When taking your own outfit photos, it's good to make sure you're familiar with the functions on your camera and that you're also familiar with how things look through your viewfinder. The most helpful tip that I will give you throughout this whole post and the thing that has really helped me most is marking where you will stand in your photos. If you're out taking your outfit photos, and are confused and wanting to make sure your head doesn't get cut off in the photo, or that you'll be perfectly centered, just find something like a certain crack in the ground, or set down a pebble or a stick or something to mark where you will stand. Look through your camera and make sure you've got in the place you want to stand, and take test shots until you've got it right. When I take my outfit photos, I always take them in the exact same place, and I'm always standing at the same crack in the sidewalk. It is just so much easier and has saved me so much time ever since I discovered doing that! I used to spend up to an hour and a half taking outfit photos, and now I'm done in thirty minutes!

2. If using a remote, use the two-second timer and make sure you hide it!

I hate to bring out the old, and maybe even a bit embarrassing photos, but it has to be done. At one point I did not know of the little switch on the back of my remote for the two-second timer, so I could never hide my remote. Here is a perfect photo example from a very old outfit post:

Having a remote makes it a lot easier instead of setting up the 10 shot timer and winging it like I used to do, but not hiding the remote does take away from the photo. It doesn't make the photo look very natural at all, and when you can see the remote, your attention is completely taken off of the outfit and is focused on the spotting of the remote. When hiding your remote, you don't have to think up some big hiding spot, either. Just set off the two-second timer, and close your hand with the remote in it. Simple. Also, "multi-tasking" with your remote is definitely a big thing I would recommend trying. Try holding your purse in your hand or holding up the end of your dress while holding your remote and setting off the timer. It's good for avoiding a lot of extra movement in those two seconds!

3. Take A LOT of photos! 

If you're picky with what photos you put on your blog like I am, then you'll want to take A LOT of photos! While you are taking your outfit photos, try different poses and movements so when you get home and go through your photos, you'll have a good variety to choose from, and not every photo will look the same.

4. Use natural lighting and shoot outdoors when you can.

There are so many beautiful places outside to photograph your outfit posts, and the lighting of course is best outdoors. I especially recommend taking your photos around sunset, or "golden hour". The lighting is perfect at that time! I take most of my photos in the evening when the sun is setting, and I really try to avoid taking photos during the day, and also on overcast days. The lighting will give your photos a very odd, unnatural color, and it won't flatter your outfit. If you want to do an indoor shoot, try to do it in a naturally bright room with many windows, to give your photos a beautiful, bright look!

5. Don't leave out the details!

While you're taking your outfit photos, don't forget to photograph the details of the outfit! Make sure you capture a few good photos of your adorable shoes and statement jewelry. The little details are some of the most important!

6. Figure out which poses are your best!

Nobody knows you better than yourself. So try out a few different poses, and see which ones flatter you more. Always use those as go-to poses when you take outfit photos, because who doesn't want to look nice in their photos, right? I know I'm guilty of being a big pose-repeater, but I'm not ashamed! I'm always doing some variation of a leg/foot cross just because that's what I feel looks best for my photos. Just try out a few things and see which works!


7. Mix Up Your Angles!

When photographing your own photos, get creative and try some different angles! It can get pretty routine sometimes when taking your own outfit photos, so you just got to go out there with the mindset of wanting to capture something different and unique! Taking the same general photo from a completely different angle can really switch it up a lot! It's also very refreshing for both you and your readers to see as well!

8. Use A Good Editing Program To Edit Your Photos With!

It's pretty much a fact that people love nice photos. It's eye-catching and pleasant to look at. So after you've taken your outfit photos, always make sure to edit them. You don't need to know how to do any fancy editing, just a simple increase in contrast, brightness, and a little enhance in color and saturation should do the trick. These are just your basic editing options on any program. But, I would still recommend trying out and purchasing any type of Photoshop, just because it's that amazing. While I'm thinking I need to upgrade to Lightroom soon, I use Photoshop Elements 9 on my photos for a quick and easy edit!

9. Make Sure You Don't Cover Your Outfit When Taking Photos!

When in front of the camera, don't do too much of crossing your arms or anything like that. Stand up straight, and do something fun like twirl around in your dress! You want to make sure you can see the outfit clearly, because that's the whole point of the outfit photo!

10. SMILE! 

You can never go wrong with a nice smile in a photo, so I feel that it's always good to. You want to look happy in your lovely outfit, and a pretty smile will make the outfit so much lovelier! I always find that smiling always adds a nice touch, and creates a lighter, happier vibe in a photo. You also don't necessarily have to be looking and smiling directly at the camera, either. You can look off, or down at your outfit, and it all still has that natural, happy-to-be-in-your-outfit look. Haha!

Taking your own outfit photos really isn't that easy, and it takes a lot of practice at first. It took me forever to finally get it right, and remember what to do each time so I wouldn't end up cutting off half my legs in the photos, or being completely off-center. If you don't get it at first, it's okay! Just keep trying, and soon you'll be capturing your own lovely outfit photos, I promise! But, I do believe it is much easier though to try a remote instead of the self timer though, and there's a lot less time involved. So hopefully these little tips have helped you if you're trying or want to try taking your own outfit photos!

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