Monday, September 2, 2013

I Did It My Way

Wearing: Forever 21 hat, Thrifted blazer and shirt, PacSun jeans, Thrifted booties, Target bag.
Jewelry: Forever 21 necklace & bracelet, Target watch, Modcloth cuff.

I've officially brought out my denim, booties and blazers for fall! I should play it fair and at least wait until mid-September until I start switching out my summer clothes for my fall clothes, but I can't wait any longer! I did also purchase my first pumpkin coffee the other day, and I felt a bit bad afterwards because it was scorching hot I'll wait another week or two for that. I know I just keep talking about fall...but it's my favorite season, so I think I'm allowed to get excited! Today I just started with a few basics, and I also wore white today, since starting tomorrow white is out! I will admit I do go by that rule, but I make a few exceptions, like this striped shirt, and this white sheer blouse with a black collar and cuffs that I also own. But I don't own much white's never really been a favorite color of mine. Hope you all have had a wonderful labor day, and have a wonderful week! xx

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