Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Not too long ago for homecoming week at my school I dressed up as Madonna for our "decades day". I really ended up loving my outfit, so I thought it would be so perfect as my Halloween costume! I'm perfectly aware that it may seem strange that I'm seventeen and still trick-or-treating, but who cares! I think it's awesome to get free candy and then eat it all night until I get sick - I mean, who wouldn't wanna do that?...haha! But usually every year my go-to costume is being Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's, which is always a fun one because no matter how much I try to dress up and look like Audrey, I always get "are you supposed to be Drew Barrymore?" from people. But maybe this year will be different now that I've switched up my costume! Anyways, hope you all have a Happy Halloween! :)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

It's All in the Details...

Wearing: Forever 21 dress, JC Penney coat, Boohoo heels, Banggood clutch.

i decided that I would keep my outfit more simple today, and leave it up to my coat and my heels to make the outfit pop! I've added yet another item to my growing collection of houndstooth with this lovely pair of heels from Boohoo! I thought they would go perfect with my bright red coat, so I left it all up to these little details to really bring out my black skater dress and my black thigh-high socks!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pretty Prints!

Wearing: Forever 21 sweater, Boohoo pants, Forever 21 hat, Target heels.

As fall progresses, I'm getting more and more into wearing cute trousers with pullover sweaters. I find that it is such an easy and cute combination, which is perfect for these cooler fall days. This brocade pair of trousers from Boohoo really caught my eye with their unique print and bright red color! They are also more loose-fitting, so I decided to go for a more preppy, menswear inspired look by pairing them with my printed sweater, oxford heels and my oversized fedora!


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stripes + Florals

Wearing: Forever 21 blouse, PB&J Boutique skirt, JC Penney heels, Poppy Lovers bag.

The other day I received this lovely skirt in the mail by the wonderful folks at PB&J Boutique! This skirt is just so amazing and I love how it's just such a bold piece but can be paired with so many things to either dress it up or down. I've been wearing it so much, and I can't wait to see how many different looks I can make with this amazing skirt! ♥


Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Day at Disney!

Wearing: Thrifted hat, Forever 21 dress, Thrifted shirt, Urban Outfitters sandals

Last weekend I went to Disney World, and I figured, as much as I visit, I never really seem to incorporate it into my posts much. I decided that I'd take a few photos around Magic Kingdom this time in my outfit that I wore to the parks! I usually like to try to come up with very simple but stylish outfits when I visit Disney, because I'm just not really the biggest fan of shorts and a t-shirt, and I find that it's way better to wear a dress down there, since it's so hot anyways! My black skater dress is always a winner when I'm trying to put together an outfit for a day at Disney, because it's just so easy to tie a shirt over, pair with some sandals and a hat, and just stroll around in the heat all day! Oh, how I'd love to be down there right now! Hope you all are having a great weekend! ♥

Friday, October 18, 2013

Young Legends

Wearing: thrifted blouse, Persun Mall skort, Forever 21 hat, Thrifted booties, Banggood clutch.

While more edgy prints like snakeskin aren't usually my style, I fell in love with this snakeskin printed blouse that I found at a thrift shop the other day! I thought it would make for a great fall nighttime outfit paired with my black skort, and all black accessories. On another note, I'm so glad today is Friday! I'm looking forward to having a relaxing weekend of applying to college....ah. As stressful as it has been this week for me, I've finally decided that I want to apply to FIT and hopefully move up to NYC, city of my dreams! I'm really looking forward to getting in my application and hopefully getting back some good news in the near future. Anyways, hope you all have had a wonderful Friday!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Obsessed With Houndstooth!

Wearing: Forever 21 hat, Boohoo dress, Target socks, Target heels, Thrifted (Vintage) Dooney & Bourke bag.

Houndstooth patterns are definitely one of my favorites for fall, so I absolutely could not pass up this lovely little fit-and-flare dress from Boohoo! I love the colors, the pattern and I especially love twirling around in it! It's great for those cooler fall days, and also the warmer fall days that we also get here in Florida. Since today was a cooler day, I paired it which my thigh-high knit socks, oxford heels, and my favorite Dooney & Bourke bag! This dress is for sure one of my go-to pieces for this season!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October Playlist! ♥

October by Carly Maddox on Grooveshark
This month, I've been really listening to all sorts of music! As I've been absolutely obsessed with She & Him's new album, I've been listening to all of Frank Sinatra's lovely classics because they remind me so much of fall! With this, I've been enjoying a contrasting mix of Lorde, CHVRCHES, Disclosure and Camera Obscura! All truly different sounds, but they all sound so good! But mostly She & Him's Volume 3... I really just can't get enough of putting it on repeat while I blog and, of course, sip on a pumpkin spice latte!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Day By Day

Wearing: thrifted sweater, Boohoo trousers, Target scarf, Boohoo heels, Thrifted (Vintage) Dooney & Bourke bag.

Today was yet another cool day, so I decided it would be lovely to wear my new navy trousers from Boohoo! I've been growing more fond of the idea of trousers, and I usually would say no to them because I use to hate the way they looked on me. But I find them as a really nice alternative to just wearing jeans, so I now love them! I paired them with a nude colored sweater and nude heels, and of course my favorite knit scarf! I felt very classy yet casual in my favorite fall staples styled in a more sophisticated way!


Sunday, October 13, 2013

East of the Sun

Wearing: Forever 21 hat, Forever 21 cardigan, Romwomen blouse, Thrifted shorts, Thrifted oxfords, Thrifted (Vintage) Dooney & Bourke bag.

Today was a cooler day, so I had fun pairing a lot of knits into my outfit! I would consider the outfit I wore today as sort-of a fall staple outfit for me, as it is some of my favorite classic fall pieces and colors all together in one! And this mustard cardigan is my absolute favorite, so I cannot wait to get to wear it a lot again this fall!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Wearing: Faviana dress

The other night I went to homecoming, and I went in my lovely little dress courtesy of the wonderful folks at Faviana! I've never felt so pretty in a dress, and this one really did that for me! I felt like a ballerina! The dress was a whole lot of fun with the lovely jewels around the middle and the tutu bottom! I got so many compliments that night and I'm actually still getting compliments on it, two days later! I had such a fun night, as it was my first and my last homecoming ever, and being in a beautiful little dress like this one just made it that much more great! I literally could just go on and on about this dress, but I think you all get the point. To wrap it all up, I have to say that Homecoming was definitely a night to remember, and this dress is definitely a dress to remember! Haha!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

October Inspiration ♥

This month I'm inspired by beautiful warm tones and cute coats and heels. I'm ready for the weather to get cold and stay cold already!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Red Arrow

Wearing: Forever 21 top, Thrifted pants, Target booties, Thrifted (Vintage) Dooney & Bourke bag.

I never have much luck when I try to find pants at thrift shops, but I really lucked up with these wide-leg, rust colored beauties! They are the perfect fit for me which is usually hard to find, perfectly fitted at the top and nicely flared at the bottom! They are so perfect for fall, and I already see myself wearing these with so many different sweaters and blouses! Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful friday!