Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Day at Disney!

Wearing: Thrifted hat, Forever 21 dress, Thrifted shirt, Urban Outfitters sandals

Last weekend I went to Disney World, and I figured, as much as I visit, I never really seem to incorporate it into my posts much. I decided that I'd take a few photos around Magic Kingdom this time in my outfit that I wore to the parks! I usually like to try to come up with very simple but stylish outfits when I visit Disney, because I'm just not really the biggest fan of shorts and a t-shirt, and I find that it's way better to wear a dress down there, since it's so hot anyways! My black skater dress is always a winner when I'm trying to put together an outfit for a day at Disney, because it's just so easy to tie a shirt over, pair with some sandals and a hat, and just stroll around in the heat all day! Oh, how I'd love to be down there right now! Hope you all are having a great weekend! ♥