Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Wearing: Faviana dress

The other night I went to homecoming, and I went in my lovely little dress courtesy of the wonderful folks at Faviana! I've never felt so pretty in a dress, and this one really did that for me! I felt like a ballerina! The dress was a whole lot of fun with the lovely jewels around the middle and the tutu bottom! I got so many compliments that night and I'm actually still getting compliments on it, two days later! I had such a fun night, as it was my first and my last homecoming ever, and being in a beautiful little dress like this one just made it that much more great! I literally could just go on and on about this dress, but I think you all get the point. To wrap it all up, I have to say that Homecoming was definitely a night to remember, and this dress is definitely a dress to remember! Haha!