Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Tips + Ideas For An Organized Closet!

Lately I've noticed that the more clothes and shoes I get, the more messy my closet becomes, and that just leads to losing things and it's just not organized at all. It wasn't up until recently that I kind of realized that this was a big problem, since I would wake up and feel like I had nothing to wear every day. But it was just simply because I couldn't find anything! So I took the time out one day to just sit and think about what I can do to maintain this problem, and I came up with a few tips and ideas that have really helped me, so today I'd love to share them with you all, too, to keep your closet looking organized, up-to-date and even stylish!

1. Display your most worn (and cutest!) shoes on homemade shoe racks or shelves!

Having a big walk in closet with a wall covered in shoes is every girl's dream, right? I know that I for one am in love with the idea, so it really inspired me to do something with my mess of 50+ pairs of shoes that are stacked up on top of each other on the floor. I thought it would be great to make some shelves in my closet for my shoes, because it really helps to keep them visible and organized. Since I don't really wear much of any kind of sneaker or sandal, I left out my good pair of Nike Free Runs and packed away my shoes I never wear but don't want to get rid of in some shoe boxes, and just slid them underneath my bed. It takes away from the problem of having unwanted clutter, and it even makes me more motivated to want to wear my cute shoes and not so much my lazy, easy shoes.

2. Hang your scarves on scarf Hangers!

Since the cooler months are here, the scarves are out, and they're a cute accessory for any fall and winter outfit. I used to just have my scarves stuffed in a drawer where I never saw them, so they didn't get much wear in the past. But with a little bit of browsing on Pinterest, I saw a scarf hanger DIY that was super simple looking so I decided to try it out myself, and I am so happy with mine so I really recommend it to you all! Now I keep my scarves hanging up all together in my closet, and it's organized, doesn't take up much space, and my scarves are always in clear vision so I never forget about them!

3. Go by the get 1, give 1 rule!

I would have to say this is definitely a big tip to keep in mind when trying to become more organized with your closet. When you buy more clothes and shoes, or anything in general really, it's a fact that clutter ends up building up, and all of your old clothes won't get worn as much anymore, and you might just entirely lose interest on some hanging in your closet or shoved in your dresser drawers. I know it happens to me, so I decided it would be helpful to do a closet purge, and everything I buy, I have to give 1 item. It's really helped me a lot as I lose interest in some of my clothes very easily, and I feel good about it because I'm also donating to my local thrift stores, instead of keeping a bunch of clothes that I really get no wear out of anyways!

4. Keep everything organized where you can see it!

It's really important to keep everything in your closet in clear vision, because when we can't see items in our closet because they're hidden behind other items, we tend to just completely forget about them, and then six months later when we finally get around to cleaning our closets out, we rediscover these lost items. So keeping your closet clean and keeping everything where you can see it really prevents anything getting accidentally lost and forgotten about, and instead of just looking at a big cluster of clothes or shoes, you can clearly see what you have, and that really makes putting an outfit together each morning an easier and faster process!

5. Change out your closet seasonally!

If it's summertime, you're not gonna want to be staring at a bunch of sweaters hanging up in your closet when you're trying to find something to wear. Keeping your winter clothes mixed in with your summer clothes really tends to add to the clutter problem, and most of it won't be of use to you during a particular season anyways. I found that a good way to keep your specific season's clothes in sight and the rest out of sight is to clear out a few drawers in your room, and pack away the things that you won't be needing. For instance, during summer I keep a row of drawers dedicated to my fall and winter clothes, and I just neatly fold all of my sweaters and warmer clothes and place them in my empty drawers. For right now, I have all of my spring and summer dresses and blouses folded and put away in drawers, and it may seem weird to fold and place dresses in drawers, but as long as they're smoothed out and neat they won't wrinkle, so I'm not worried at all! Doing this really helps also if dressing seasonally is important to you, and it helps keep you more in spirit for whichever season it is, too!


If you plan to start doing some of these things, or even keep up with doing them, I'd also really recommend going through your closet and cleaning it out and re-organizing it about once every 3-4 months at least. This should really help keep everything tidy and up-to-date! Hopefully these tips have helped you as much as they've helped me with keeping my closet organized, or even inspired you to try experimenting with random things you can do to keep your closet space neat and clean! Thanks for reading!


  1. Your pictures look so professional! Love the tips!

    Madison Martine

  2. you look gorgeous in that red lace dress! and i agree, your closet looks beautiful. i try to hang up all my clothing except workout stuff/PJ's/undergarments so it's in vision as well, really helps to wear stuff more.

    1. oh and of course i'm a big fan of donating too : ). i try to make some sort of rule like ok, i haven't worn this in 6 months so it's getting donated.

  3. This is such a helpful post! Thanks for sharing, love!

    Xo, Hannah

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