Thursday, January 16, 2014

5 Ways To Wear: Florals For Fall + Winter

Floral prints are pretty much a "staple print" in the fashion world, because it has so many variations, colors, styles, and it's a print that's loved by all. Everyone has some type of floral print in their closet, whether it be clothes, shoes, bags or anything else! But since florals are mostly worn in spring and summer outfits, it may come as a challenge to pair them into fall and winter outfits, so I've thought up 5 tips that surely help you with keeping your floral prints looking stylish for the fall and winter months!

1. Pair florals with a lot of darker (or fall + winter) colors + tones.

To keep your florals looking fitting in the cooler months, pair them with darker (or fall and winter appropriate) colors and tones. Try focusing on colors like mustard, burgundy, forest green, etc. If you really want to pair them with a brighter, more summery color like orange or blue, it's best to wear them in a darker tone, like rust and navy. Also, if you don't want to wear much color with your florals, you can always go for a nice brown or black! You can never fail with those two colors!

2. Layer your florals!

Another way to make your floral prints fit in well with your fall wardrobe is to layer around them! If you're wearing a floral dress, pair it with some cute opaque tights and a pullover sweater for a cozy look! Wearing a lot of plain knits around your floral print will help make it stand out, but in a more laid-back way which is great for achieving that perfect fall/winter look!

3. Pair with fall + winter staples, like cardigans + boots!

Wearing traditional fall and winter pieces around your floral print is key in making it appropriate for the season. It's as easy as just throwing on a cute knit cardigan, or pairing your florals with your favorite boots! Not much layering has to be involved, just those few key pieces and accessories that show you're styling your florals in a cute and warm way!

4. Try to wear smaller floral prints, rather than bigger, brighter prints.

While spring and summer are more bright and cheery seasons, fall and winter are more laid back and relaxing, which is why it is important to stick with the smaller floral prints, rather than the bigger, brighter prints. Wearing bigger and brighter florals will more than likely stand out a lot more than the rest of your outfit, and it will most likely look completely out of place.

5. Wear them in your shoes and accessories!

There are many more small ways you can incorporate florals into your fall and winter outfits, like through your shoes and accessories. Maybe you have a floral bag, or even floral printed loafers or oxfords. Smaller pieces like these can really add a nice pop and bit of detail to your outfit for a very stylish touch!

There are so many different floral pieces out there, so there is surely many ways to tie them into your fall and winter wardrobe! While I've only listed five different tips, I know there are so many other ways that you can creatively pair your florals with your fall and winter outfits! If you all can think of any others, leave me a comment and let me know! I'm so curious to hear what you all come up with! Thanks for reading!


  1. wow, this post is great! you give me idea how to wear floral print on cooler months <3
    Thanks for porting this..


  2. You just inspired my wardrobe today! Never thought about pairing a particularly baggy sweater of mine with my floral mini, but I'm going to try it now :)

  3. AMAZING ! this post was really well done and i have so many ideas of how to pair up my florals now thanks

  4. Amazing post!!

    Madison Martine

  5. Great outfit ideas! Floral print is my favourite :)

  6. What a stellar guide for extending the wear of floral garments. It's definitely one of my favorite prints & I can't imagine not wearing it year round.


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