Saturday, January 25, 2014


Wearing: Urban Outfitters dress, Thrifted vintage swing coat, 70s Vintage Louis Vuitton bag, Zara boots.

The other day I scored this awesome vintage leopard faux fur swing coat, and it is absolutely perfect! It pretty much swallows me since its so huge (it's still a size small though!) and I'm so short, but I sort of love that about it. I was a little hesitant about wearing it to school, because even though I'm really not one to care about what people think of how I dress (I'm always strutting down my school's hallways in dresses and heels everyday...I just feel better about my day when I'm dressed cute!) but since this coat is so huge, I was expecting some sort of disapproving comments. But, I wore it, and man was it cozy on these freezing cold days this week, and I got so many compliments which made me feel so much better about it! I don't know....just some things can really make you feel fabulous, and this coat really does that for me!
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