Monday, January 20, 2014

Stylish Films: The Graduate

I've found that I'm just so inspired by style in films, and I've also noticed that I always find a film so much better when the style is good in it, so I thought what better way to talk about these stylish films than to spotlight them on my blog! I'm always looking for something new and inspiring to share my thoughts on with my readers, and right now this is a big one for me. Maybe it's just a sign I'm overly addicted to watching movies (Netflix will be the death of me!), but I really can enjoy a nice stylish film, and I'm just excited to talk about my favorites with you all!

My first film I'm featuring in my series of "Stylish Films" here on A Walk in the Park is The Graduate. My first time watching it was only the other day, but I'm in love with everything about this film. But having been filmed in 1967, the style is perfection, and I'm most specifically talking about Mrs. Robinson's style. Being the wealthier and older lady that she is, she has a very classy and very sexy wardrobe consisting of many leopard, lace and sheer pieces that you see throughout the film. As a whole though, the color palettes and 60s feel of this whole film just makes everything better, and definitely makes it a must watch for everyone! Also, one of my favorite groups Simon and Garfunkel composed the soundtrack, so you're definitely in for some good tunes while you're watching! This film just really is the whole package!

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  1. This is one of my favorite movies! Mrs. Robinson is such a 60s fox too!


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