Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spring is Calling

Wearing: Thrifted blouse, Kellie Falconer Design skirt (buy here!), Boohoo heels.

This warm sunny weather we've been having is making me put winter in the past, and start dressing for spring! I'm really loving light, airy, girly outfits, like this little floral and tulle ensemble I put together today, and I already have so many other ideas for this ivory tulle skirt by Kellie Falconer Design for's honestly the perfect piece for the season! Hope you all are getting these wonderful Spring vibes as well, because this winter has just been too harsh (even in Florida)!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Contest: Win Free Ad Space on A Walk in the Park!

Hi everyone! Today I've definitely got a special little giveaway on the blog, for a chance to win some free ad space for a few months here on A Walk in the Park! I've collaborated with the lovely bloggers from A Beautiful Heart, Pretty Lovely, Haircut and General Attitude, + Jeans and a Teacup and we're all hosting this awesome giveaway on our blogs, how cool is that! I've been meaning to host some new fun giveaways lately, and so I figured that this would be a really great way to give back to you all for being such great readers this new year, by simply giving your blog some lovin' on mine! So feel free to enter, and good luck to everyone!

The Rules:
There will be one winner, and I will announce the winner on March 7th! Please make sure you have an image/banner promoting your blog for this ad space. If you do not have a blog button/banner, please do not enter in this giveaway because we can not provide one for you, by creating one. Each blogger will advertise your banner for one month, and then it will rotate to all the other bloggers. Please be sure to comment below why you would like to win this giveaway and how this will help your blog.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wintertime Blues

Wearing: JCP coat (similar), Modcloth dress (similar), Mara Vintage Shop LV bag, Target thigh-high socks (similar), Steve Madden booties (similar).

Today is a bit cold and dreary so I thought, way better way to brighten it up with my red coat? I really want to be done wearing tights for the season, so I wore thigh-high socks instead. I honestly love thigh-high socks and I think they're so adorable, but no matter how many different pairs I buy and where I buy them from, they always fall down, and I find it extremely annoying to be worried with pulling them up all day, so I usually just don't wear them. Does anyone know what to do about this? Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Look Into the Past

Wearing: Mara Vintage Shop dress and LV bag (check out her FB page!), Banggood hat (buy here!), Steve Madden booties (similar here!)

This week's sunny, perfect weather has really inspired me to dress in light colors and spend more of my time outside enjoying it rather than indoors on Netflix. I decided to wear some of my favorite vintage pieces from Mara's Vintage Shop, and added an extra pop of color with this precious blue hat. Hopefully this good weather stays for a while, I am over the Winter and ready for Spring!

Monday, February 17, 2014

February Wishlist ♥


- - -
Ever since December, I've been absolutely dying over those black gold leaf cat eye sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana, and this month I've decided I'm just going to break down and buy them. I've never had a pair of sunglasses look so nicely on my face, so that's worth spending $210 over, right? I've also decided over the past few months that Kate Spade is my favorite store, even though I can't afford anything in it. All the styles fit my taste so well though, it's just unfortunate that my tastes have to be so expensive when I have no money! Oh well, maybe someday!

Colors + Collars

Wearing: Chi Chi London dress (buy it here!), Thrifted heels.

It's not often that when I get dressed everyday I just throw on a dress, some heels, and I'm out the door. Usually I like to layer a bit, put some tights on, find a cute jacket, and of course a cute necklace to top it all off. But with a dress like this gorgeous one from Chi Chi London, none of that is really necessary! I just put on this fabulous dress, and kept it simple with a darling little pair of vintage t-strap heels that my mom surprised me with the other day. I know there's things I could've paired with this dress, but honestly I think it's so beautiful that anything else would just be a distraction from the wonderful color and detail in it. While a nice fit-and-flare is my weakness, this dress is on a whole nother level with the print, color, and of course, the collar!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

{Last Minute} Casual Valentine's Day-to-Night Look!

Today I have a little last minute Valentine's Day day-to-night outfit post for you ladies who are looking for some cute casual looks for whatever you may be doing on this lovely day, whether it be going out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, hanging with your favorite gals, or maybe even if you're just looking for a cute festive outfit to wear at school!

Daytime Look
Wearing: Thrifted blazer (similar), Papaya Clothing blouse (similar), PacSun Bullhead jeans (similar) Boohoo heels (similar), Vintage necklace (similar).

I believe in incorporating some type of pink or red into your Valentine's Day outfit.. it's always nice to make sure you're looking cute and festive for the occasion! I started off my look by pairing a simple coral blouse with my favorite blazer, and layering my new favorite layered pearl necklace over it. I just paired the simple pair of distressed jeans with all of this to balance out the dressiness of the necklace and blazer with the casualness of the jeans, and to top it all off, put on a pair of nude heels with a cute bow detail! Perfect look for shopping, grabbing lunch with a friend, or whatever else you may be doing on this special day!

Nighttime Look
Wearing: Thrifted blazer (similar), Papaya Clothing blouse (similar), Banggood skirt (get it here!), Priceless heels (get them here!), Vintage necklace (similar).

For my nighttime look, I decided to do a bit of pattern play by pairing up a black and white striped skirt with my colorful little floral bag! I didn't need to add many accessories to make it a nighttime look, but I figured I'd play it safe by just pairing some black heels with the outfit which are a nighttime outfit go-to. You can always pair some cute tights with an outfit like this as well if it's a cooler night (which I probably should have done because I was freezing while taking these photos!), especially if you plan to be spending your nighttime Valentine's Day plans outside.

I hope this post helps give you some ideas if you need some last minute help on what to wear for your Valentine's Day plans! Don't let the occasion intimidate you and get you all worried about picking out a fancy dress, just get creative with what you have, it's really so easy to dress up casual pieces and make them look appropriate for whatever you have planned! Good luck on finding that perfect look! ♥


Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Fine Romance

Wearing: J.Crew blouse (similar here), Kellie Falconer Design skirt (buy here!), Boohoo sandals, Banggood bag.

Tulle skirts are just a dream, and I had so much fun styling this one from Kellie Falconer Design! I definitely felt very Carrie Bradshaw in this skirt, and I loved putting together this little Valentine's Day outfit for a BSCollective along with the lovely Boyer Family Singers and Kellie Falconer! I am so excited to put together many different spring looks with this skirt, it's just the perfect piece for the season! I just wish I had one in every color, they're so fun and girly, definitely my favorite piece for this spring!

Also, as part of the BSCollective, we're running a shop special for $10.00 off any skirt order till Feb 28th, and as always, free shipping to the US. All you have to do is enter the code WALKINTHEPARK at checkout for the discount!

Thanks for reading! xx

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stylish Films: Chicago

For today's stylish film, I really want to feature my favorite musical, Chicago. To be honest, I haven't seen this film up until about three months ago. I know, I'm VERY late. It's been out since 2001, and I mean, I've always wanted to watch it, but just never have...and now, 13 years later I finally got around to it! Haha! But while I would usually say Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sweeney Todd are my favorite musicals, I really just had to push those to the side for Chicago. I now have to watch this film at least once a week, and I also have the soundtrack on my iPod, so when I'm driving (alone) I always sing all of the songs at the top of my lungs and basically re-enact the whole musical, and yes I get some weird stares, but clearly they just don't understand. It's the best.

But, besides overall being one of the greatest films I've ever watched, I can't help but notice the style, of course. I'm already obsessed with the whole 20's-30's era of style and how sparkly and detailed dresses and costumes were, so that was definitely a big eye-catcher in this film. Everything about this whole film and it's style is that it's all so fierce and fabulous. Also, the fur, the big collars, the top hats and bowties...all so classic and wonderful. And it doesn't just stop with the clothes. Catherine Zeta-Jones now has me contemplating getting that fabulous little bob of her's in this musical. If only I could pull a hairstyle like that off...getting ready in the morning would be so much easier!

Anyways, I would love to know, what are y'all's favorite musicals? I'm on this big musical thing right now and I just want to watch them all! Let me know in the comments! Hope you all are having a nice week!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mad Sounds

Wearing: Forever 21 hat (similar here), Forever 21 blouse (similar here), Forever 21 dress (similar here), Zara boots (similar here).

I love experimenting with all the things I can do with a simple and versatile piece, such as my black skater dress. Today I wore a blue blouse underneath it, which in my opinion made it look more girly and added a bit of color to it, and I just overall felt more "me" with the blouse and dress put together like this! This week has been surprisingly kind of hot too, unlike the extreme winter temperatures that Florida faced all last week, so it was nice to finally wear a dress without a pair of tights for once!


February Inspiration ♥

This month, I'm really loving all kinds of pink, which is so strange for me. I've never been much a fan of wearing pink, but I'm just loving pink in all shades and forms lately, especially big pink full dresses and skirts! I've also just noticed my true love for vintage cocktail rings the other day as well, as I was looking through my mom's colorful collection of them. Overall, I'm just in love with everything girly and colorful....these little things just seem to make life that much better! ♥