Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Contest: Win Free Ad Space on A Walk in the Park!

Hi everyone! Today I've definitely got a special little giveaway on the blog, for a chance to win some free ad space for a few months here on A Walk in the Park! I've collaborated with the lovely bloggers from A Beautiful Heart, Pretty Lovely, Haircut and General Attitude, + Jeans and a Teacup and we're all hosting this awesome giveaway on our blogs, how cool is that! I've been meaning to host some new fun giveaways lately, and so I figured that this would be a really great way to give back to you all for being such great readers this new year, by simply giving your blog some lovin' on mine! So feel free to enter, and good luck to everyone!

The Rules:
There will be one winner, and I will announce the winner on March 7th! Please make sure you have an image/banner promoting your blog for this ad space. If you do not have a blog button/banner, please do not enter in this giveaway because we can not provide one for you, by creating one. Each blogger will advertise your banner for one month, and then it will rotate to all the other bloggers. Please be sure to comment below why you would like to win this giveaway and how this will help your blog.

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  1. Thanks Carly :) the post looks great <3

  2. Hey Carly!(:
    I entered(: My blog is As We Stumble Along. I started it almost a year ago. I blogged for 6 or so months straight..But initially,I wasn't doing it for the right reasons. I guess I thought I needed self validation,and so I was doing it,simply to gain attention. When some important people in my life,I simply stopped blogging all together.I had found myself. But many times over the last few months,I would think about starting it up again. I would even have dreams about it! So,finally for the right reasons,I've started my blog again-this time,for me(: So I share my outfits every day,and talk about various other things. I've been told I have an interesting writing style,because I write my blog posts,as if I'm writing to a friend,just talking to them,instead of officially 'writing a blog post'.It gives me more of a reason to look halfway decent,too :P You're the reason I started blogging in the first place Carly,and to be featured on your blog,oh my gosh.I don't even know if I could handle it,it'd be a dream come true,for you to even come look at my blog(: And blogging..I think you understand the connection you get with it. It's not often in real life I get to talk about how 'I chose this belt because it cinches my waist' or how 'I chose this navy blazer to contrast with the pale cream of my shirt'. I love putting together outfits,and writing about them..just seems natural(: And when people come up to me at school or in public,on twitter,etc,and tell me that they love my blog...there's just not a feeling like it(:
    I think this would be great for my blog,to be featured,as a chance to reach out to girls everywhere around the same audience I write for,and to be able to connect with even more of them,on a personal level(:
    Well,thanks so much if you actually took the time to read through all of my ranting :P
    I just wanted to say thank you again,not just for taking the time to read this,but for writing a wonderful blog,but for being an inspiration,and for making a difference in my life personally(:
    rant over :P
    thanks again(:

    my blog-

  3. So nice!

  4. I would like to win this contest, because I want to attract more readers (obviously ;)), I think I have written some quality posts on fashion history and trends and think more people would be interested if they knew these posts are out there. Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. Here goes nothing!

    I started blogging about two years ago and it's not building quite the traction I anticipated. Maybe my expectations were a bit unrealistic when I first started out. I don't even have a DSLR, although that's the next step (I'm literally shopping for one as I type, because I really want to get more serious about blogging)!

    I'm a big fan of vintage shopping, like you, and the basic niche of my blog is trying to show readers how easy it is to get "the look" for less. (What does that even mean, "the look"--I basically mean that I want to show how easy it is to put together pleasant ensembles that don't cost the sun and the earth)

    Anyways. It would be really nice to reach a wider audience. Just from my perspective, I have so many friends and exes that used to spend ridiculous amounts of clothing, at least, before they met me. Some of them were in real financial trouble, buying stuff that didn't fit well that they couldn't really afford that there were cheaper alternatives elsewhere, and I feel so weird telling others about this, but I have been told that I helped them out a great deal. I'd like to share my personal knowledge on these things a bit more. It's not for everyone, but some find it valuable and if they get anything out of what I can share of my own habits and experiences, that's what I'm blogging towards. :)


    P.S. By the way, I meant to tell you this but forgot--I used your photo in my blogroll )linking to your blog) when I created a blog list a few weeks ago.. I hope that's okay!

  6. I would love to win this giveaway because I just started my blog and it would be really cool if I got some help starting on the right foot. I will work really hard, and this opportunity would really help me out! Please pick me!


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