Friday, February 21, 2014

Wintertime Blues

Wearing: JCP coat (similar), Modcloth dress (similar), Mara Vintage Shop LV bag, Target thigh-high socks (similar), Steve Madden booties (similar).

Today is a bit cold and dreary so I thought, way better way to brighten it up with my red coat? I really want to be done wearing tights for the season, so I wore thigh-high socks instead. I honestly love thigh-high socks and I think they're so adorable, but no matter how many different pairs I buy and where I buy them from, they always fall down, and I find it extremely annoying to be worried with pulling them up all day, so I usually just don't wear them. Does anyone know what to do about this? Anyways, hope you all have a lovely day!


  1. I love your look, what a lovely girl :)

    Continiue plz :)


  2. The tigh highs from H&M wont fall off :)

  3. love the coat :)

  4. Ahh you look so gorgeous here!(: Lovely outfit,and could we talk about how amazing your hair looks?(:

  5. I usually use a small strip of fashion tape on the front and back of each sock and it keeps them in place the whole day. just make sure you do it while sitting or when you bend your knees, the socks and tape will unstick! Sometimes socks are cute when you scrunch them up closer to your shoes too. Check out my blog for that kind of look!

  6. Mine always always fall down on me too which definitely deters me from wearing them! I'm never ready to be done wearing tights though. Summer lasts so long here and I love the remixability tights give an outfit. I think you look super cute here. I just love your red coat. Bright colors instantly brighten a dreary day - even if it's just a little bit!

  7. Oh my goodness! As I was looking at your photos (before reading the text) I was thinking to myself "How on earth does she keep her socks up?! I can't seem to figure it out! Maybe I should write a blog post about it."
    And then there you go - you suffer the same problem I do ;)
    I find if I wear my socks over sheer tights they stay up but that totally defeats the purpose of not wearing tights.
    You look beautiful, regardless of whether your socks were falling down or not :)

  8. That red coat looks lovely on you!
    And you have a lovely blog ;) I'm a new follower, feel free to check my blog!!! XO

  9. Your hair is super beautiful! Love your style girl :)


  10. that dress is so pretty! nothing like red to brighten up moody weather.


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