Sunday, March 9, 2014

Plate + Candlestick Jewelry Holder - DIY

I am always looking for stylish and creative ways to keep things like my jewelry organized, and I noticed one of these in a photo that I saw on Pinterest the other day, so I was inspired to try to make my own. I knew it was the perfect DIY when I realized it only required 3 different items and only took 5 minutes to I thought it would be perfect to share here on the blog. Enjoy!

(3) Plates (Small, Medium, & Large) - I just found these three plates at Wal-Mart because I wanted all plain white plates, and they all came out to being $10.
(2) Glass Candlesticks - Found these at a thrift shop for $1 each.
Hot glue or super glue - I chose super glue, but either is fine.

- - -

After you've got your materials set out, take your largest plate and one of your candlesticks. Glue the smaller end of the candle stick to place onto the center of the large plate. Glue the larger side of the candlestick to glue onto the bottom of the medium sized plate. You can measure it perfectly to find the center of each plate, but I just winged it, and it turned out fine for me. I recommend standing directly over the plates when you glue them to determine if they're centered well or not. If not, you can easily take them off the candlestick and re-glue them!

After you've got the first two plates glued, repeat the same process to glue on the third and smallest plate to the top. You can even stop at the two plates if you'd like or add a fourth one if you can find another plate thats smaller, but I just decided to stick with three, one for necklaces, one for bracelets, and the last for earrings!

After this last step, you're done! It's such an easy project and the outcome is cute...and you can use it for many things! The design of it is really mimicking a cupcake stand, so you can easily use this for cupcakes and deserts, or anything else you might have in mind!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY project...and if you try it, let me know how it turned out! Hope you're having a great Sunday!



  1. Love this, great idea, I did a similar DIY for my perfumes ;) xo

  2. I actually have a similar sort of thing in my bedroom, except I bought a 3-tiered cupcake tower holder thingy from a kitchen-y store (I don't even know what either of them are called, dear lord..) that matched with the colour scheme in my bedroom! The only problem I have now with it is the excessive amount of dust.

    (And the excessive amounts of jewelry, which makes it hard to clean the excessive amount of dust)

    I love love love that bottom necklace, by the way, where did you get it from? :O


  3. Such a great idea!!

    Madison Martine


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