Sunday, April 13, 2014

12 Outfit Ideas + Tips For Your Favorite Festival Styles!

Festival season is here, and while I live far away from any of the good festivals that are going on, I still like to sit and admire the beautiful outfits that are being worn! When I think of festivals and fashion, so many things come to mind, the main thing being that festival season and the main festivals like Coachella are the modern re-visited woodstocks, which means it is the perfect time to let out your inner boho princess, which is one of my favorite styles! Festivals are also so hyped up because they are in a sense they're own fashion week...the groups playing the different "designers" shows, and the with the many attendees, there's always great "street style", and people dying to be photographed in their booties and kimonos. But bohemian isn't the only style present at festivals, there are of course other appropriate styles for the occasion like girly, rocker, and rustic. So if you're planning to attend some festivals this season, here's some good outfit ideas and tips that will surely make your style stand out!

Bohemian style is the biggest when it comes to festivals, and that makes it first on the list here! If you're trying to go for a boho look, make sure you layer, layer, layer! Don't layer clothes though, but rather accessories, because these are what will stand out the most at a festival, because clothes are kept at a minimal due to the heat! Put on lots of necklaces, scarves in your hair, bold tribal-inspired cuffs, and a floppy hat, and you're good to go! Oh, and don't forget a cute light cardigan or kimono. As for shoes, for festivals its good to keep your options limited to ankle booties, sandals, and maybe a cute pair of sneakers like Keds or Converses. Don't try to wear anything you love too much, because I can imagine they'll get super dirty and possibly very muddy. And don't wear heels either. Because you'll end up barefoot and carrying them around....and that's no fun!

Another popular style at festivals is the pretty, free-spirited, girly look. Lots of pretty prints like florals and polka dots are popular if you're trying to achieve this style, and bold, feminine accessories are key. Crop tops and maxi dresses are the perfect pieces for this look, and look super cute when paired with oversized hats and flower crowns. (Create your own DIY flower crown!) Make sure you keep your outfit colorful too when going for a girly festival style to show off your bright, bubbly look!

For a rocker style, if you're wanting to go for a simpler outfit that's still super cute, just wear a band tee, cut-offs, and ankle booties... you honestly can't go wrong with that look! But some main pieces you're gonna want to have going on in your wardrobe are denim and leather, but not leather jackets, because that would be way too hot to wear to a festival! Try leather skirts and shorts and even cute leather fringed vests to get your rocker look perfected when heading out to your fave festival. If you're wanting to go with a cute printed top or dress, the best prints to go for would be stripes or even a cute american flag print! Accessorize this style with your favorite oversized fedora and bold belt, and some cute detailed booties for an awesome rocker look that people will be dying to photograph! 

Rustic styles are another one of my favorites when it comes to festivals. I love them so much because not only are they natural and simplistic, but still very pretty and feminine as well. If you're trying to go for this look, a good go-to would be to wear airy, loose smock dresses and pair them with your favorite light knit cardigan for a stylish and comfy festival look. When wearing rustic looks, its good to keep it very natural and stick to neutral colors, and simplistic prints like stripes and simple florals. Denim is always a good choice for this look, because it is very casual and can be paired with so many different things. When accessorizing this style, keep it simple with delicate rings and necklaces to add a cute bit of detail to your outfit without overpowering the whole look!

When you're trying to get your outfits ready to go for whichever festival your attending, make sure you also get on Pinterest for some good outfit inspiration from frequently-photographed attendees of these festivals that fit the style you're going for. For example if you're trying to go for the perfect boho look, I would definitely recommend looking at Vanessa Hudgen's Coachella looks, because they are perfection! Along with that, as long as you follow these tips, you're sure to be not only festival ready, but you'll definitely be standing out amongst the crowd in what ever you decide to wear, and you'll also be having more fun in your adorable outfit!


  1. Such a great inspiration, I actually can't pick a favorite ;) xo

  2. I really loved the middle of the Boho and the last one with the denim overall dress. All such great outfits!
    xox Logan

  3. Ahhhh these are all so cute, girl! I thought after Boho, that would be my favorite style, but somehow you made me like every style, haha!

  4. LOVE! The boho is adorable. Totally my new favorite.

    stop by,

  5. Love the boho and the rocker look! All these photos are gorgeous!


  6. These looks are all so pretty! Gorgeous photos as well!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  7. I've just discovered your blog recently and I enjoy it a lot; your style is charming and your photos are beautiful. ^^


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