Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Route 66

Wearing: Forever 21 tank (old), Thrifted kimono, shorts, + belt, Zara boots, Target scarf, Elise M Collection bracelet (buy here!)

The warmer the weather gets, the more I want to dress in my best boho attire. And it doesn't help at all that festival season is here, and all of my favorite bloggers are transforming into bohemian goddesses! I've been listening to my favorite summer tunes which consist of tons of classic rock, like the Rolling Stones! Two years ago all I really wore outside of this blog were jeans and old band tees, but man has my style really changed. Anymore, I can't leave the house without dressing up and wearing my favorite heels, even if it is to go to a grocery store. I dressed so lazily at school that I made the decision that I'd really make an effort to dress how I really want to dress for my senior year, and I am proud that it has stuck all year, and grown on me to look presentable everywhere I go. Not only did I decide to do this because I looked better, but because dressing up honestly makes me feel good about myself, and when I feel confident my days are so much better. Now my poor little band shirts barely see the light outside of the drawer they're shoved into, but I still love them so much....especially all 11 of my Aerosmith shirts. Lol. But anyways, I finally decided to incorporate one into my outfit today, and I felt cute and not lazy in it! This summer I will without a doubt be reppin' my favorite bands on my shirts again with cute kimonos and high-waisted shorts for those hot summer days! 


  1. These pictures are perfect and your hair is gorgeous!
    Pretty Lovely

  2. No words to describe how much I love this outfit... Everything about it is perfect! And that kimono is gorgeous!


  3. Love this outfit, you look amazing ! :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures and love your outfit as well!!

  5. i love these photos! You look great in BOHO.

    stop by,

  6. very lana del rey "ride" love it

  7. super festival stlye:))) x


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