Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Grandpa on Vacay" Chic!

Wearing: Thrifted top, PB&J Boutique pants (buy here!), AMI Clubwear sandals, Thrifted bag

Today I wanted to switch things up a little bit and go for a summery "grandpa on vacation" look (lol). I love wearing tropical printed button-up tops during the summer (guilty pleasure I guess?) so I try to use every opportunity I can to fit them into my wardrobe. I love stripes and florals together so I figured it would be the perfect mix to pair one of my tropical tops with these awesome railroad stripe cropped trousers from PB&J boutique. I'm not much of a pants in the summer person because it gets extremely hot here in Florida, and I can already say these are the perfect summer pant, because it was probably about 90 degrees when I took these photos and I felt perfectly fine!  

To break this look up a bit and create an equal balance between a menswear-inspired and feminine look, I tied my shirt in the front and let a bit of midriff show (found my inspiration of this from Carrie Bradshaw, she did this with so many random outfits and made it work perfectly so I thought I'd give it a shot), and I also wore some heeled sandals and my big straw bag. Definitely a bit of a different look for me, but of course I always love messing around and seeing what kind of different looks I can create!


My Deux Lux giveaway ended yesterday, and I promised I would announce the winner today! After using the random selector on Raffecopter, the winner of the contest is Saila I.! Be looking out for an email in your inbox, because you will be receiving the details of your winning soon! Thanks everyone for participating, I will hopefully be posting giveaways up more frequently soon!



  1. That floral blouse is gorgeous though! It's kind of high-class Hawaiian.

    As an aside, is anyone else really really jealous of how impossibly flat Carrie Bradshaw's stomach was throughout the ENTIRE series? It motivated me to work out for like a whole week and then I realised I had better things to do, like go shopping and eat stuff..


  2. Ha! It's so grandpa on vacation! I can totally see my gramps in seer-sucker shorts but he'd be in tennis shoes and socks :P I love your take on it!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  3. This is such a fun outfit. I love it Carly, especially your trousers x

  4. I love it!
    The shoes and pants are on point! YAS! :) xx


  5. First of all, it should be said that we have the same first name - (don't be misled by my blog penname ;) - and you're the first blogger I've come across where this is the case! And then to say I *love* that shirt - what a wonderful find! CC x


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