Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lately on Instagram...

1. At Epcot, where I usually love to spend my summer days. Definitely my favorite Disney park...
2. After two mom and I are at it again! So excited to be going back to the lovely Atlanta and seeing my favorite band!

3.Summer is here for us Floridians, which in my world basically means crop-tops and rock 'n' roll...
4. Another photo I took at Epcot in the World Showcase Morocco pavilion... loving those beautiful tiles!

5. Mother's day just passed, and I put this one up on my Instagram, and of course just had to share here. This is my mom looking super stylish back in the 80's. In case anyone didn't already know, she's where I got my love of fashion from! It's funny because every time I tell her that I want a certain piece of clothing or any type of shoes or accessories, she always says, "I use to have one of those! I'd wear it with this and that...but I gave it away a long time ago. If I would've known I'd be having a fabulous and stylish daughter, I would've kept it." I laugh, but when she mentions things she's given away like her 80s Fendi and Gucci bags, then it's not so funny anymore. Sorry mom, but you just don't do that.
6. A photo from my little mini-trip to New York back in November. Easily the best three days of my life. It makes me so sad looking at my pictures, because I just want to go back so badly. 

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