Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Love Looks So Well On You

Wearing: Papaya Clothing blouse, Inlovewithfashion shorts/maxi skirt (buy here!), Deux Lux bag (buy here!),  Modcloth sandals, Rue 21 necklace, Target watch

With the sunshine finally back this week, I figured it was my time to get back out and get to photographing my outfits again! I decided to try a new photo spot today, and I must say this new spot is definitely my new favorite. I usually never go to this park because there are always so many other people out there which kind of freaks me out a little bit because I don't like being bothered with those "Oh what are you doing?" kind of questions (we've all been there lol it's the worst) but today I sucked it up and went out there and got probably the best photos I feel I've ever gotten in my outfit posts. I feel like my colors were good without having to do a lot of editing, the exposure was good, and the focus most importantly was perfect. Being a big photography geek like myself, I am constantly thinking about those three things!

As for my outfit though, I got this super cool shorts/skirt piece in the mail the other day from, and when I was a little hesitant while getting it because it's such a unique piece of clothing, and I felt with the modern style of it and the neon colors and everything that I just wouldn't be able to pull it off. But I just loved the floral print and how colorful it is. I will admit, about a year ago it would've been impossible to get me to wear any sort of neon color. But I've definitely come to really love them, if worn in a tasteful manner, and in a way that's not overpowering (except for those big neon yellow midi-length fit-and-flare skirts, those are probably quite overpowering with the neon, but they are lovely and I'm definitely getting one). I paired this awesome short/skirt piece with some pretty corals to make the touch of coral in the skirt pop, and my favorite statement necklace from Rue 21!

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