Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Summertime Uniform

Wearing: Aeropostale (c/o) crop top (buy here!), Banggood skirt, Thrifted hat, bag + heels, Vintage necklace.

Summer weather has only been around for a few weeks, and I can already have been seeing a certain pattern in my wardrobe. I just cannot stop wearing this straw hat, layered pearl necklace, or my straw bag. All usually with my white cat eye sunglasses from ZeroUV, also. Together, they create this summery, vintage, girly look that I'm always trying to achieve, so please forgive me as I will probably be wearing these same pieces all summer long out of habit. Today was super hot, so I wore this cute black and white floral crop top from Aeropostale with an adorable fluorescent pink skirt from Banggood, all paired with these adorable t-straps that sort-of have that saddle oxford look that I found at a thrift shop not too long ago. They seriously hurt my feet because they are a bit small, but they were so cute I just couldn't pass them up! Sometimes I just can't help but choose style over comfort.

On another note, I would like to mention that yesterday was my last day of high school, and it still hasn't hit me yet. I feel like I should be crying and sad, but I can't help but not be. I am so excited to see what the future holds for me, and while I'm still staying in Jacksonville for the next few years and attending community college, I know that I'll be soon be attending Parsons and hopefully living in NYC for long after I'm done with college. I feel that not only is it my dream to live there, but it is only necessary for being a stylist (or working in fashion PR) and I'm just hoping that that's what I'll end up doing. So yes, I am just happy to graduate in two weeks so I can work towards my future goals, and also hopefully have a little more time on my hands to work on my blog as well. Thanks to all of you for being such awesome readers, and definitely look forward to some new stuff here on my blog in the near future! 



  1. super cute Carly :)

  2. congrats on graduating!!! college is really fun!

    ||||HEDONIST DRIVE||||

  3. Congratulations on your graduation!
    I love how girly and cute this outfit is. You can't go wrong with a skater skirt and crop top. Your hat is wonderful too. I wish I had one like that!

  4. I love the vintage vibe here, and summer here in the Philippines is really really hot <3


  5. Slightly in love with that skirt!

  6. Love the pink skirt! Great color scheme!
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  7. wow congrats on your graduation! :)
    you look lovely as always! those shoes are PERFECTION!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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