Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Stylish Films: American Hustle

I finally got around to watching American Hustle the other day after wanting to see it for months now. I just knew it would be the greatest movie ever, judging by the actors in the film, the glorious 70s style, and of course the amazing 70s tunes that went along with. Unfortunately, though, I just didn't care for the film at all. The acting was so good, I especially loved Jennifer Lawrence's role as Rosalyn, even though she really didn't play as big a part in the film than I expected. But the style in this movie was definitely brilliant. Being a big fan of the 70s, it was really great to see how they brought back so many of the wonderful styles that existed then and it definitely inspired me to try to re-create some of these looks!

While the menswear looked good as well, I was mainly focused on and drawn to the amazing things worn by Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence in the film. The fur collared coats, the low-cut necklines, the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dresses, and just the overall glamour of it all. After that film, I'm especially wanting one of those wrap dresses. Of course they're a wee bit out of my price range....but someday I'll have one! Another piece in this film that I keep thinking about is that crochet monokini that Amy Adam's character Sydney wore towards the beginning of the film. I think the crochet swimsuit is definitely going to be making a comeback, and I know that when they do I'll definitely have to get one, because they're insanely cute. 

If you haven't seen this film, I would still have to recommend you see it. Even if it's just to look at the beautiful clothes, it's still worth a watch. It was an Oscar nominated film, after all. But I think mostly the style and acting was what made it so special, rather than the film's plot. Maybe I just couldn't get into it, but I barely knew what was happening half the movie. But again, the film's fashions definitely get an A+ from me!


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  1. It's weird, I feel exactly the same as you. The fashion in it is amazing but the film was awful awful awful, I walked out of the theatre with my friend in the end because it was just getting so dull and I felt no connection to the characters so therefore didn't really care what happened to them in the end. I was so surprised, given how much the critics were raving about it, too..



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