Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Stylish Films: Blue Jasmine

I've been making many trips to Redbox lately in an attempt to watch all of the Oscar nominated films of this past year. I've been especially wanting to see Blue Jasmine, even though I never really could seem to tell what it was about, but because Woody Allen (duh), and because I haven't been able to help but to notice how classy and elegant Cate Blanchett's red carpet looks have been lately. She's really gotten my attention with her timeless beauty and style looks lately, so of course I wanted to see what this film was all about. 

I have to say it definitely wasn't what I was expecting, but it was one of the best from this year's Oscar nominations. I'd have to say it was my second favorite in fact, after The Wolf of Wall Street. It was such a unique story and it definitely stayed interesting throughout the whole film. But enough with the general film review, and on to the fashion.

The fashion in this film wasn't that "out there", but Cate's character Jasmine was once wealthy and so she had a lot of designer things, like her chic Louis Vuitton luggage and that beautiful Birkin bag. She had a very classic style as she was an older woman, and wore a lot of lighter tones and neutral colors. It didn't stand out much like I said, but of course that doesn't matter. I couldn't help but to notice how lovely the clothes and accessories were. She especially wore a lot of very nice cardigans,  like the jewel-embellished one in the top photo. That was probably my favorite outfit from the entire film. Oh, and along with the fashion, the music was so wonderful! Lots of great classics from the greats like Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, and Frank Sinatra. That's mostly the kind of music I'm enjoying right now. Maybe I'm just an old soul. But that sort of music is just so romantic, and when I listen to it I picture myself strolling through Manhattan? I don't know. But it's nice. This whole film was perfection, and if you haven't seen it I really think you should go watch it! 


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