Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stylish Films: Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day

I'm not sure if many people have heard of this film, but I first saw it about 2-3 years ago after hearing about it on Tumblr, during a weird period of binge watching films that were popular amongst the more "indie" and "artsy" crowd, which included films like Submarine, Lullaby for Pi, The Dreamers, Lolita (Kubrick's version), Atonement, every Wes Anderson and Sophia Coppola films, and a bunch of 60's french films where I was forced to read the English text at the bottom of the screen. Most of the ones I listed I remember what they were about, but a lot of them, I don't. Like I said, I was going through a weird phase of my life where I wanted to be "different", or something like that. I do recall watching Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day though, and man is it a fantastic movie (it's also based on a book!). Of course, one of the things about this film that stuck out to me most was the oh-so-amazing style!

This film is set in 1939 London, and Amy Adam's character Delysia Lafosse is an aspiring actress, which explains why she looks so fabulous throughout the film. But not only is her style perfect, but just the scenery throughout the film and the styles of the others is great as well. The sparkly hairpins and brooches, the fur stoles, and just everything else is simply beautiful. It's also such a cute and happy film, truly a great story and I can just watch it over and over again. If you haven't seen it, you must! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Ways To Wear: Fluorescent Pink Scuba Skirt

I can't deny my love for this vibrant pink skirt, both the style and color is really popular this summer and I know for one that I have been wearing this one a lot! But, when wearing a skirt as bright as this, you've got to be careful with how you pair it with the rest of your outfit, making sure you don't have too much color or even distracting pieces around it, because it's definitely meant to be that bold piece in an outfit when worn!


Outfit #1 - For the first outfit, I went for my go-to top, a classic striped tee. I layered a black blazer over it to give it a simpler look and tone down the color, but I decided to have a bit of fun with my accessories, so I wore my giant pearl necklace and studded sandals. The pink skirt really added some feminine flair to this otherwise casual and menswear-inspired look.

Outfit #2 - The skirt is very modern, because although the fit-and-flare, high-waisted style of it can be seen as classic, that color definitely is not. For this outfit I wanted to pair pieces around it that would help the outfit give off more of a vintage vibe, so I paired it with my saddle oxford-inspired t-strap heels, layered pearls, and a straw bag + hat. 

Outfit #3 - Another cool way to style a skirt like this would be to wear it with a uniquely structured crop top! I got this one on Nasty Gal during a sale, and I was so right in thinking that it could totally add a unique touch to any outfit! With a colorful skirt like this, don't be afraid to pair it with a colorful top and just limit yourself to monochromes and neutrals, but when you do think of pairing it with a colorful top, something equally as vibrant may not be the way to go. 

Outfit #4 - This skirt is super trendy right now, so it's definitely not a bad idea to pair it with other trendy pieces! I went for a more urban look when pairing around the skirt with this outfit, choosing to wear some leopard smoking slippers, a graphic tee, and a denim jacket. For an extra bit of detail, I tied the shirt in the front rather than just tucking it in to give it a more modern and trendy touch.

Outfit #5 - I had a lot of fun with this outfit, and my inspiration for it was from the style on The Carrie Diaries! 80's-inspired with the thick belt, pantyhose, and the bright, almost-neon skirt! I love using today's pieces to pair up outfits that look like they've come from a different decade, and this skirt just screams 80's!


Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Wearing: Forever 21 crop top + sandals, Thrifted shorts + cardigan, Elise M Collection bracelets (buy here!).

    To be completely honest, this outfit right here has been my ultimate go-to these past few summer weeks. If it's just too hot, or I'm feeling lazy, I just throw this on and go. It's cute and comfy, and while these sandals from Forever 21 are heeled, they are surprisingly the most comfortable shoes ever. Also, a comfy outfit for me totally means band shirt. Considering I have 11 (or 12? Can't remember) Aerosmith shirts lying around, that's usually the kind of band shirt I grab. I use every opportunity I have to rep my fave band, and I always aim to do so stylishly! 


Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Mornings in Vintage Florals

Wearing: Mara Vintage Shop dress, LYDC London bag (buy here!), Boohoo heels.

         I'm not quite sure what decade this lovely vintage dress is (60s maybe?), but it is quite a stunning dress and looks quite modern! I've been eyeing it for quite a long time and I've finally gotten my hands on this lovely vintage gem. Also, what better a coincidence than for this also lovely LYDC London bag to come in the mail for me, although the floral print in the bag is different than the dress of course, the colors and the patterns go together so well it's like they were just meant to be paired with each other. I keep staring at these photos honestly, not because of the photo itself though, but because my eyes have never been so drawn to a combination of colors! So bright, vibrant, and all of the colors are set at the perfect tone. 


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Urban Girly Match-ups

Wearing: Aeropostale "Tokyo Darling" (c/o) NY graphic tee, Banggood skirt, Type Z via leopard loafers, Vintage/Thrifted Levi's denim jacket, Target watch, Elise M Collection bracelet (buy here!)

    I've been dying for some sort of NY graphic tee lately because I always tend to buy graphic tees for things I love so dearly, and I just adored this one from the Tokyo Darling line at Aeropostale. When I saw it I pictured a very urban styled outfit to base around it, so I decided that I would wear some pieces around it that gave off an urban vibe as well. Of course, though, I figured, my outfit just isn't me without some sort of girly dress or skirt, so instead of some jeans or shorts I paired the look with my very girly fluorescent pink skater skirt! And I topped it all off with my very messy hair... it's so hot and windy here that I just don't have time for curling it, because it'll just get ruined in this weather! So, my messy-straight natural hair will have to suffice for now. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ladylike Neons

Wearing: Little Mistress crop top, Sheinside skirt (buy here), Nina heels, ZeroUV sunglasses, Banggood clutch, Target watch

       I know these big midi skirts have been a thing for a few months now, but I haven't been able to get my hands on one 'til now. I used to really want the metallic red ones, but seeing as the neon colored ones were most popular, I held back a little because of that reason. It hasn't been until maybe a month or two ago that I've actually found myself coming around to liking neon colored clothes, because I've always failed to see them as looking "classic", and that seems to be my main style goal is to keep up a very classic style with a bit of a vintage-but-also-modern twist sometimes. But besides the classic thing, I'm not afraid to admit that I also found neon colors to be a bit tacky. But, something somehow changed my mind...maybe it was seeing how other bloggers styled this skirt so wonderfully, but whatever it was, I decided that I really needed one.

        I must say I really love this skirt, but of course I came across a few personal problems with it. Firstly, being only barely 5'3", this was quite a big and challenging skirt for my height. I looked fine in it, but I felt like I was being swallowed by it. I did get quite a few compliments (and stares) by it too, which was reassuring I guess to know that I didn't look outrageous to others. My other little problem was that it had quite a few wrinkles in it, which I'm sure can be ironed out and fixed easily, but I was too lazy for all that. I just hung it up for a few days and they came out for the most part easily, and I tried the "hang it up in the bathroom while you're showering" thing, but I found that to be a trick that does not work, in case you were all wondering! But besides these two things, this skirt is absolutely lovely and in fact very ladylike and quite classically styled, so I would definitely recommend it to all!


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Stylish Films: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I just love watching Marilyn Monroe films, and of course they're all good and the style is fabulous in all of them, but in my opinion, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is quite a legendary film as far as fashion goes. The fashion going on in this film is so good, and while the dresses are beautiful, I can't help but pay attention to the wonderful way outfits were accessorized in it, and during the 50's in general. The gloves, the scarves, the capes, and of course the elaborate collars were all very lovely and made for an interesting look, something you honestly can't find much of today. I love that then all you needed was a dress, heels, and your accessories to complete the look, rather than today, where most affordable clothing pieces are so cheaply made and simple that you pretty much have to layer in order to create a decent eye-catching outfit. Clothing was also very classic then, and the quality structural details of clothing pieces made for such an interesting article of clothing that prints weren't much necessary, another thing that I simply cannot stand about the clothes of today. Sometimes prints just can get so tacky, which is why I try to stay away from most prints unless it's your classic polka dots, stripes, leopard, or even snakeskin prints in some cases. Quality in clothing has without a doubt decreased since the 50s, so seeing all of these beautiful outfits in movies like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is definitely a refreshing sight. This film is a must see, along with most other Marilyn films, they're so happy and cute! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Wishlist!


       I'm so in love with simple girly looks and these are all pieces and colors I've been dreaming of for quite a while now. I also enjoy featuring some sort of Chanel accessory with each of my monthly wishlists, it gives me a little hope somehow that one day I may just own either one of those lovely classic Chanel handbags, or some piece of vintage Chanel jewelry. I like to think of this outfit I put together here as modern pieces with a glamorous vintage feel.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Wearing: TJ Maxx dress, Nasty Gal sandals, Thrifted belt, Forever 21 hat, assorted jewelry

       I think everyone knows by now that I love myself a good bohemian look. I'm always adding new boho pieces to my closet and along with that, new classic rock albums to my record collection. Well, the other day I decided to go into TJ Maxx, as I haven't been in there in quite some time, and I was just expecting to browse around, but not expecting to score myself the PERFECT bohemian dress! What's even better, is that when I usually see a quality made dress like this, its quite expensive. I was expecting this dress to probably be about $50, with that amazing print, and the details with the buttons and the open back and tie. It looks like something from Free People for sure, so I was definitely preparing to dish out some cash for this beauty, but when I looked at the tag, it was only $20! Long story short, I have to say that I'm so happy I walked into my local TJ Maxx and found this lovely gem, and while I was in there I saw so many other lovely things! I only had a $25 gift card on me that I had as a graduation present, so I only bought this. But if I would've had some more cash, I for sure would have had a full cart at the checkout. 

       As for the dress itself, I was a little hesitant on it's purchase at first, wondering if I would have to wait 'til Fall to wear it with it's long sleeves. I bought it anyways, and when I wore it the next day, in this dreadful summer heat, I was pleased to find that it's still a perfect summer dress, and I will honestly be wearing it all summer. I love the bohemian look for my summers, it just goes so perfectly with my everyday summer life of road trips and blaring the album "Exile on Main St." by The Rolling Stones. This August when I road trip up to Atlanta, I'll definitely bring along this dress for a cute and comfy boho look for that long drive. Oh, and I totally feel like Stevie Nicks in this dress. That's enough reason right there to want to wear it I right or am I right?!


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Inspiration!

    Here I go again with being all over the place with my style tastes. This summer, I'm loving the boho look (as always), colorful dresses, neon pieces, and the more simple and minimalistic look. So I'm going to wear all of these looks during my summer, and have no regrets! I'm also dying for a lovely trip to somewhere different, I'd love to go to California or somewhere in Europe, but I definitely don't see that happening! I'll just have to make my own little adventures and keep in local. I am going to Atlanta though in August to see Aerosmith again, so does that count? I sure think so! 
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