Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ladylike Neons

Wearing: Little Mistress crop top, Sheinside skirt (buy here), Nina heels, ZeroUV sunglasses, Banggood clutch, Target watch

       I know these big midi skirts have been a thing for a few months now, but I haven't been able to get my hands on one 'til now. I used to really want the metallic red ones, but seeing as the neon colored ones were most popular, I held back a little because of that reason. It hasn't been until maybe a month or two ago that I've actually found myself coming around to liking neon colored clothes, because I've always failed to see them as looking "classic", and that seems to be my main style goal is to keep up a very classic style with a bit of a vintage-but-also-modern twist sometimes. But besides the classic thing, I'm not afraid to admit that I also found neon colors to be a bit tacky. But, something somehow changed my mind...maybe it was seeing how other bloggers styled this skirt so wonderfully, but whatever it was, I decided that I really needed one.

        I must say I really love this skirt, but of course I came across a few personal problems with it. Firstly, being only barely 5'3", this was quite a big and challenging skirt for my height. I looked fine in it, but I felt like I was being swallowed by it. I did get quite a few compliments (and stares) by it too, which was reassuring I guess to know that I didn't look outrageous to others. My other little problem was that it had quite a few wrinkles in it, which I'm sure can be ironed out and fixed easily, but I was too lazy for all that. I just hung it up for a few days and they came out for the most part easily, and I tried the "hang it up in the bathroom while you're showering" thing, but I found that to be a trick that does not work, in case you were all wondering! But besides these two things, this skirt is absolutely lovely and in fact very ladylike and quite classically styled, so I would definitely recommend it to all!



  1. Gorgeous outfit!! I love everything!!

  2. Just, Wow. You look divine Carly x

  3. Obsessed with this look! You look stunning and your midi looks perfect on you.

  4. I think this is fabulous! I'm also 5'3' and feel the pain of dressing a short frame without overwhelming it. Pairing it with oversized items -- the clutch, watch, and sunglasses -- is a brilliant solution to evening out your silhouette. I'm definitely going to borrow that method!

  5. very nice:) xx


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